Genzler MG-350-COMBO-BAG Étuit de Trans. pour MG-350-COMBO

Prix de vente
149,99 $


GENZLER MG-350-COMBO-BAG This heavy-duty carry bag is designed to offer exceptional protection and ease of transport for the lightweight MAGELLAN®350-BA10 COMBO. It offers excellent padded protection for night-after-night heavy use. The combo can be placed into the bag either face up or face down. There are two thick cushion pads provided to offer complete protection for the MG350 amplifier as it sits in the carry bag. Made from heavy-duty, water resistant vinyl material, the bag features upgraded zippers, a large front pocket, sturdy handles and a long comfortable, detachable carry strap. Along with a soft-plush lining the carry bag uses 24 mm padding on the floor of the bag for ultimate protection. Four plastic feet are used on the bottom of the bag. The front pocket is large enough for a variety of accessories like cables, tuners, etc. An excellent choice for the musician that needs his MAGELLAN®350 COMBO in a “grab and go” protective carrying case.

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