Rednet A16R

4 399,00 $

16 channels of analogue input and output with up to 119dB dynamic range on DB25 connectors wired to AES59 spec, plus two channels of AES/EBU I/O with sample rate conversion on XLR connectors. Conversion to and from the Dante network is carried out at standard rates up to 192kHz/24 bit, with pull-up/down capability • Clock source may be internal, or external via Word Clock or DARS (the latter via the AES XLR input). The unit also outputs Word Clock. RedNet A16R features soft-startup on power-up and auto-muting during sample rate alteration, to avoid audible clicks and pops. Comprehensive front-panel LEDs include PSU and network status, sample rate and per-channel tri-colour signal level indication • Dual power supplies with cable retaining clips on the power sockets are switched automatically in the event of power failure, while dual Ethernet interfaces with etherCON locking connectors can be operated either in Redundant mode, where they will switch over automatically in the event of failure, or Switched mode where additional devices may be daisy-chained to the secondary port. Operation modes, interface levels and other parameters are selected remotely.

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