Scarlett Octopre Dynamic

879,00 $

Eight natural-sounding 2nd generation Scarlett mic pres with mic/line inputs • Focusrite precision A-D conversion • Up to 109 dB dynamic range • 24-bit A-D conversion at sample rates up to 192 kHz • Two of the mic pres feature high headroom instrument inputs • Preamps are optimised to handle extreme levels from sound sources like kick drum and snare • Eight line outputs • Five-segment LED metering on every channel plus 2nd generation gain controls for more accurate level settings • Simple ADAT connectivity • 48V • Integrated Dynamic ControlPhantom power • Word Clock I/O • Industry-standard JetPLL™ jitter elimination for rock solid, super-stable clocking performance • Analogue compression • Eight channels of D-A: Focusrite precision 24-bit, 108 dB dynamic range D-A conversion is fed by dual ADAT inputs to provide eight channels at up to 96 kHz (4 Ch. @ 192 kHz) • Analogue line outputs: Can be fed from either the D-A or directly from the inputs, providing eight additional outputs for mixing and tracking.

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