EL7X Fatso

3 087,52 $

How many times have we heard ourselves, other engineers, and even musicians say “I like the sound of tape, it’s sooooo musical”? We hear it in recording schools, we read about it on forums, we think about it in our spare time; but seriously, who among us who isn’t on the wrong side of 40 has really experienced tape? …or enjoys the inconvenience of tape machines alignment? Enter the FATSO “EL7” (Full Analog Tape Simulator & Optimizer), which can help eliminate the pining for the forgotten days of great big clunky analog tape machines (and ALL of their associated headaches!!). No longer did the production team have to decide between Scotch 250 or Ampex 456; no longer does the mix engineer have to decide between BASF 911 or Zonal 999 for final mixdown. No longer would engineers argue the merits of an Ampex ATR-102 vs a Studer A-80-RC because the FATSO can give you the positive attributes of ALL of these things, in an adjustable and repeatable manner, without having to stress over sticking with an initial decision!!

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