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MULTI-LEVEL The DTX-MULTI 12 Electronic Percussion Pad features 12 trigger pads in a compact split-level configuration and includes 1,277 drum, percussion and effects sounds. Utilizing the sound technology of the highly acclaimed Motif and DTXTREME III, the DTXM 12 will expand ANY drummers playing style with unlimited inspiration. The DTXM 12 also has the ability to load digital samples for endless sound possibilities and rhythmic patterns in MULTIple styles that can be triggered from the pads. Whack it, Slap it, Tap it MULTI-PLAY The DTXM 12 is the first product of its type to be able to respond to MULTIple playing styles and applications in one unit. Whether you use sticks, hands, or fingers the M 12 responds to the dynamics of your performance. Additionally, you can vary the sound while touching the pad or pressing a foot switch and up to four sounds can be velocity switched or layered per pad. MULTI-Percussion Personality MULTI-PURPOSE The DTX-MULTI 12 has many applications. Its perfect for the acoustic drummer looking to add electronics to their kit; the hand percussionist who needs a full palette of percussion instruments in a versatile self-contained unit; or as a percussion controller for a producer in a recording studio setting. Its a great solution for anyone looking to add top-notch percussion sounds and rhythms to their music. 1,061 drum / percussion / effects voices 216 keyboard voices from Motif library 100MB wave ROM 64 MB Flash ROM for loading custom WAV/AIFF files USB to device / host Expandable via 5 aux trigger inputs Hi hat control jack / foot switch / tap tempo Stick, hand, and finger play mode FEATURE: 100MB Wave ROM with drum sounds from DTXTREME III Layered pads have a natural feel when played with sticks or hands 64MB of built-in Flash-ROM for importing User Samples "Hands" and "Fingers" modes allows for alternative play style Bundled with Cubase AI Plus the ability of M12 as remote controller ADVANTAGE: High Quality sounds of our Top-of-the-line Drum Module Better playability due to staggered triggers even on a dark stage Sounds stay in memory so theyre ready to play when you are Hand percussion parts can be played/sequenced more naturally Use your computer to record audio samples and sequences then load them into the DTX-M12 BENEFIT: Tons of drums and percussion sounds in a convenient playable package More accurate for live playing with less chance of hitting wrong pad Future-proof. You can add new drum sounds whenever you need them Multiple styles of play for the drum set player or hand percussionist Complete solution for e-drummer, percussionist, teacher, and producer virtually any musician

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