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The "202 MKVII" is a dual cassette deck that is the successor to the TASCAM 202MKVI. It is equipped with a dual system recording and playback mechanism that utilizes one-way IC logic transport control with excellent stability and durability. It is a profession dual cassette deck that includes many convenient functions for professional audio needs. Because there are two independent cassette mechanisms, the next song can be cued in Deck 2 while Deck 1 is playing. Furthermore, in "SPECIAL" playback mode, you can monitor the sound from one tape using headphones while the other tape is playing (outputting from LINE OUT), making it easy to cue another tape. MIC input on the front panel that is convenient for karaoke and announcements. It is possible to mix the playback from Deck 1 (or Deck 2) with the MIC input sound and record it to Deck 2 (or Deck 1), allowing you to record karaoke using existing tape material. It is also possible to record sound mixed from the RCA inputs and sound from the MIC input. Each input level can be adjusted independently.

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