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Alesis  HD24
Usagé   695.00$ CAD
Enregistreur numérique 24 piste en 24 bit/44.1,48khz ou 12 piste a 96khz. Fonctionne avec disque ide de 5400 tour et plus.
Radial Engineering  OX8-j   (R800 8...
Usagé   910.00$ CAD
The Radial 8ox is a high performance, 8-channel mic splitter with 3 outputs on each channel: a direct output for 48V phantom return, and auxiliary output with ground lift switch and a transformer isolated output.

Although primarily designed for mic signals, the 8ox is equipped with a 20dB pad for line level sources. This makes the 8ox highly adaptable for all types of signal splitting and particularly well suited to accommodate live recording by delivering a transformer isolated audio signal path for the recording engineer while providing a direct feed to the front of house and monitor consoles.