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Dynaudio  BM5P   (995-001002)
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The BM 5 is a high-performance monitor that builds on classic Dynaudio Acoustics technology, and it comes as a very compact package that sports a redesigned exterior. This small monitor is the perfect choice for production environments where space is a concern and passive monitoring is preferred. The BM 5 is well suited for music monitoring and mixing, broadcasting, OB vans, edit suites, playback suites, project studios and smaller post production facilities. As soon as the new BM 5 is shipping, it will replace the former BM 5 which will be discontinued.
Eve Audio  SC307   (SC307)
Usagé   1499.00$ CAD
3-Way 7" Active Monitor
The SC307 is the second model in our three-way system monitor range. This powerful monitor is perfectly suited for both near- and midfield monitoring. And, in surround set ups, the SC307 will work excellently as a center channel too.

The SC307 combines the power from three different amplifiers to deliver a very efficient, dynamic and low noise sound reproduction.

Our three-way systems are developed for critical and detailed listening. Although they will be able to provide lots of power and thunderous bass frequencies, they will also excel if you're looking for a precise and very detailed pair of speakers.
Mackie  XR824
Usagé   549.00$ CAD
Extraordinary monitors for home studio.

Mackie XR824 monitors deliver the performance and accuracy that modern, professional studios rely on. Featuring a logarithmic waveguide, XR provides acoustic alignment for a perfect balance between articulate highs and midrange clarity. Plus, with the tight response of a 8 in. Kevlar woofer and new ELP Bass Reflex System, you can count on precise, deep low end. And, since no two rooms are the same, adjustable acoustic space filters provide sonic optimization for your specific mix environment. Whether your studio is world-class or a home project, XR monitors bring your closer to your mix than ever before. It?s time to discover your true mix ? Mackie XR824 Professional Studio Monitors.
System ty...
Usagé   659.00$ CAD
Remote included.
Key Features . Up to five stereo inputs (2 digital and 3 analog) . No compromise 24 Bit DAC for Digital Inputs - 115dB dynamic range .
Completely passive audio path - no transistors or IC's . Up to three sets of monitor outputs; each with passive volume trims . Talkback microphone
with volume to feed cue outputs . Both analog VU and digital LED meters . Front panel headphone jack with volume . MAIN and CUE Stereo Output
each have independent input source
Three sets of analog stereo inputs accommodate DAW/Mixer, Tape/CD, or Keyboard/Sampler outputs. Two of these analog inputs feature TRS
Balanced jacks and the third stereo input features RCA inputs with a trim control for matching unbalanced signals. In addition, the Central Station
will accommod...