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Dynaudio  BM15a   (995-003011)
Usagé   2195.00$ CAD
The BM15A is a revolutionary nearfield monitor offering exceptionally high performance. Its full range extended bass response makes it the perfect nearfield monitor, particularly for commercial studios, project studios and post production facilities
Dynaudio  BM5P   (995-001002)
Usagé   App 514-721-1518
The BM 5 is a high-performance monitor that builds on classic Dynaudio Acoustics technology, and it comes as a very compact package that sports a redesigned exterior. This small monitor is the perfect choice for production environments where space is a concern and passive monitoring is preferred. The BM 5 is well suited for music monitoring and mixing, broadcasting, OB vans, edit suites, playback suites, project studios and smaller post production facilities. As soon as the new BM 5 is shipping, it will replace the former BM 5 which will be discontinued.