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ISA828 - CLASSIC EIGHT-CHANNEL ISA SERIES PRE... 65.00 115.00 170.00 250.00 350.00
Combining the best of yesterday with the best of tomorrow, Focusrite's ISA828 eight channel pre-amplifier features the same classic microphone pre-amplifier design as Focusrite's critically acclaimed Forte console. To partner seamlessly with Pro Tools HD and other professional DAW platforms, an eight-channel A/D converter option is available, outperforming every other A/D converter on the market. Modern DAW connectivity is assured thanks to convenient 25-pin D-type connectors. This combination of features ensures that, the ISA828 sets a new standard for professional multi-channel preamplification and A/D conversion.

Eight original ISA series transformer-based pre amps - In a single robust 2U chassis, offering the classic Focusrite pre at its lowest cost-per-channel to date . New O...
Grace Design
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m802 115.00 195.00 250.00 450.00 650.00
Dante Option Now Available!

We're very excited to announce the arrival of our new Dante AD option for the m802 preamp system! Dante is the leading audio network solution in the industry and is supported by over 100 manufacturers of products such as digital consoles, I/O interfaces, etc. m802 users can now add the new Dante module (or upgrade their existing AES-id or AES/ADAT version) and connect the m802 to other Dante network equipped devices.

Possibly the world?s most evolved mic preamplifier, the m802 delivers functionality and performance which simply doesn?t exist in any other mic preamp design.

The core is a high fidelity 8 channel microphone preamplifier designed to be extremely transparent and musical. But that?s just the beginning. The m802 is fully re...
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HV-3D-8C 105.00 210.00 285.00 450.00 675.00
The Millennia HV-3D (tm) is a four or eight channel, fully matched microphone preamplifier of uncompromising sonic character, technical specification, and mechanical workmanship. The HV-3D offers multiple channels of HV-3C preamplifiers at significantly less per-channel cost.
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OCTAMIC II   (24-56085) 70.00 135.00 150.00 250.00 350.00
The OctaMic II provides 8-Channel 192 kHz / 24 bit AD conversion with eight hi-class microphone and line pre-amplification channels, featuring a combination of sophisticated components and approved RME technology.

Lowest distortion, excellent signal to noise ratio and perfectly linear frequency response transmit and amplify the microphone signals truly unchanged.

The OctaMic II includes some significant enhancements compared to the OctaMic:

* The balanced TRS inputs of the Neutrik Combo XLR jacks are phantom power-free and can be operated as real line inputs too. The improved design of the input circuits allows for a maximum input level of +21 dBu with a convenient gain range from 6 dB up to 60 dB.
* Improved signal to noise ratio (SNR) ADC 107.5 dB
True Systems
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Precision 8 90.00 180.00 290.00 360.00 475.00
A mic pre by the world leader in microphone manufacturing, the Precision 8 gives you eight channels of pro-quality preamplification! The first two inputs can be linked in a MS configuration and inputs 7 and 8 can be used as a direct box for line level signals. The outputs are balanced TRS and a DB25 wired like a TASCAM DA-88. The front panel sports level controls, metering, +48V switch, polarity switch and a rotary control that defines the range of the metering. And the sound quality is superb.