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3124+ 70.00 95.00 140.00 250.00 400.00
The 3124+ is designed with the professional engineer in mind, giving the highest possible quality 4 channel mic preamp, while keeping the size and price at a reasonable level. Equally at home in the control room, the studio, and news or recording truck, at the house console, on the stage, direct-to-DAT, or at the artist's disposal for the source of his music.

The model 3124+ utilizes the same microphone preamp circuit that is used in all API consoles. It uses the RE-115 K mic input transformer and the same output transformer that is used in all API equalizers. All four mic inputs of the 3124+ are powered by an internal 48 volt phantom power supply, front panel switchable for each channel. Also provided is a front panel 20 dB pad switch that effects both the Mic and Line in.
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RED 1- QUAD MIC PREAMPLIFIER 50.00 95.00 120.00 190.00 275.00
Quad Mic Amp . With four mic pre-amps in a single unit, Red 1 is ideal for
those looking for improved audio performance, as a compact 'way in' to
digital recording systems, or for location multi-mic recordings . Each channel
offers custom-wound Focusrite input transformers, switchable phantom
power, phase reverse, an easily-read illuminated VU meter, and a handy
scribble disc for denoting channels.
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HV-3D-4 Channel 85.00 165.00 200.00 335.00 500.00
Unsurpassed ambience retrieval Transformerless design with matched hi-speed discrete transistor octet has 23 dB input headroom: no attenuator “pads” needed Uncolored timbral accuracy at all dynamic levels Entirely balanced audio path with precision components maintains signal integrity: THD under 5 ppm (.0005%) Effortless, vividly realistic, musical performance Laser-trimmed FET-based output stage has 32 dB headroom: drives 1000 foot (300 m) cable runs with ease Standard 36-step gain controls (1.5 dB per step) are stereo matched to .08 dB Ultra-clean toroid power supply
Gold audio connectors and switches Mogami Neglex OFC audio wiring Silver Teflon power wiring
Welded 16 gauge steel rack chassis
Universal Audio
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4110 90.00 180.00 225.00 360.00 500.00
The 4110 provides four channels of premium Class A, all discrete amplification and is the first analog product from Universal Audio to break from our vintage roots and offer a world-class tool of "ultra-fidelity" and still provide musical and warm euphonics. Every channel of the 4110 features custom input stage transformers, dedicated Gain and Level controls, input and output metering, dual input impedance selection, Hi-Z inputs, and a 3-way Shape switch offering a variable signal-path for maximum sonic versatility.
Universal Audio
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4-710D 40.00 80.00 100.00 160.00 235.00
Universal Audio, a leading manufacturer of professional audio recording products, today announced a new addition to its award-winning line of premium analog recording hardware: the 4-710D Four-Channel "Twin-finity" Mic Preamp & DI with Dynamics. As the newest member of UA's popular analog product lineup, the 4-710D combines UA's classic design approach with several modern innovations - creating a unique studio device suited to a wide range of applications.

At the core of the 4-710D are four channels of tone-blending "Twin-finity" mic preamps with true-bypass 1176-style compression. Based on the original award-winning 710 Twin-Finity preamp - favored by engineers including Al Schmitt (Jackson Browne, Dr. John, Diana Krall) and Matt Boudreau (The Samples, Sean O'Brien) - each of the...