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VRX918SP 75.00 100.00 125.00 200.00 250.00
Powered 18" flying subwoofer, 2268H Differential Drive® LF, Crown
DPC-2 amplifier module with system DSP; integral rigging hardware
compatible with VRX932LAP; top mounted M20 threaded pole socket;
black DuraFlexT finish
Jour Week-end Semaine 2 Semaines Mois
KSub   (KSUB) 40.00 50.00 60.00 90.00 120.00
The QSC K Series is quite simply The New Standard in lightweight powered loudspeaker systems. Under the direction of Pat Quilter, QSC's team of amplifier engineers have created a new standard in Class D power modules unparalleled in the industry. Next, breaking from the traditional loudspeaker paradigm, every model is fitted with the identical 1.75" HF device (fullrange models) and woofers of the same high quality for unparalleled performance, regardless of speaker size.

Extensive DSP processing is employed throughout, providing levels of sonic clarity and total output that defy the system's size and weight.