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Lauten Audio
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Horizon Tube Microphone 23.00 35.00 45.00 65.00 90.00
You may be looking for a great microphone with a specific purpose, but what if you can have a microphone that sounds great in many applications? Our customer feedback has proven the Horizon can be that mic. From Grammy-winning producers to small and home studio owners, we have received positive feedback on many applications. Everything from killer guitar amps, mix-cutting vocals, tight snare drums, rich acoustic guitars, and even instruments like concertina and mandolin. Horizon owners have spoken: It will perform for you.
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M269 C 80.00 170.00 280.00 470.00 665.00
Voici La Version Broadcast du Neumann U 67. The Neumann M 269c is eminently suitable for a great many applications in broadcasting, television, films and disc recording.
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U 67 80.00 170.00 280.00 470.00 665.00
Tube, capsule modifiée 3ohms, haute-performance, 3 patrons polaires utilisé pour la voix (John Mayer, Josh Groban, Bon Jovi) (Liz Phair, Anita Baker)
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P12 55.00 85.00 125.00 190.00 275.00
This microphone is inspired by and styled after AKG's legendary vintage "C12". It has the 9 polar patterns, controlled from the power supply. It faithfully reproduces the airy sonic qualities and the robust low end of the original "C12".
The output transformer is a custom unit made by Tom Reichenbach of CineMag Transformers.
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Classic II 40.00 65.00 140.00 235.00 340.00
Microphone à condensateur à "multi-pattern" à lampe. Fourni avec coffre de transport, cable de 10m, suspension, support pour pied de microphone & pre-ampli.
Warm Audio
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WA47 Tube Condenser Microphone 30.00 50.00 70.00 90.00 130.00
Blast from the past
The WA-47 is an all vacuum tube, large diaphragm, transformer balanced, multi-pattern (9), large condenser microphone, based on the classic ?47 that has been used on countless hit records for the last 50+ years. The WA-47 is designed for pro studio, home studio, live, and broadcast applications and sounds great on vocals, acoustic/electric guitars, acoustic/electric bass, drums, piano, strings, brass/woodwind instruments, and an array of other sources. The classic ?47 became extremely popular in the 1960?s and is now considered one of the greatest microphones every made. The classic ?47 is still widely used today in professional recording studios but have become extremely rare and expensive to acquire.
Designing the WA-47 to sound like the classic ?47 ...