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Audix  CabGrabberT XL
App 514-721-1518   
Compact mic clamp for large guitar amps and bass cabinets.
Radial Engineering  Reamp® JCRT Studio Reampe...
App 514-721-1518   
The Reamp® JCRT is a passive ReamperT that allows you to take a prerecorded track and send it back to a guitar or bass amplifier and re-record it. The benefits are tremendous: instead of worrying about the sound of the track, you can focus your attention on getting the best musical performance. Once the magic has been captured, you can send the guitarist home and Reamp the track at will as you move the mics around the room, try various amplifiers or introduce effects. Best of all, you can Reamp the track later as the production develops.
The Radial Reamp JCR is the latest version of the original Reamp that was designed and patented by John Cuniberti. It features a 100% passive design with John's original custom wound 'Made in the USA' transformer and circuit. The latest Radial version ...