Epifani AL 112 Combo Neo Speaker (AL 112 Combo Neo Speaker)

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The Range
The AL Series combos and extension cabinets feature the first ever solid-aluminum hybrid enclosure. Using Specially engineered wood baffles and high-performance ceramic drivers, the AL series are lighter than neo-based traditional cabinets. The aluminum enclosure provides super rigidity, which allows for enhanced output. This is the edge of sound.
The Technology
Epifani adds another 'first' to its long list of bass engineering accomplishments. The AL series is the first to utilize solid-aluminum for the main enclosure shell. At one time aluminum was more precious than gold - and its unique properties allow for a superior strength-to-weight ratio. This allows us to use the latest high-performance ceramic drivers and achieve a lower weight over similar neo-based wood cabinets. Aluminum's malleability also lets us craft a slightly bowed, trapezoidal structure for the combos that results in improved frequency response and power output without introducing unwanted tonal coloration. Extension cabinets use a bowed, rectangular shape for best coupling to the AL combos. With the Epifani AL Series, the future has been drawn.
The Sound
The legendary Epifani sound is based on getting your bass tone revealed to you and your audience intact. That means the broad clarity of the midrange, the full fundamental of the low end, and the singing highs of the upper register - all played with the fastest, most powerful dynamics anywhere. All of your notes are full, round and defined. That's because you hear the whole note, and nothing but the whole note. Simple as it sounds, it's what made our tone sought after by the worlds most inspired musicians.