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Novation  Launch Control XL MK2
App 514-721-1518   
Ultimate Control Over Ableton Live
Launch Control XL is the ultimate controller for Ableton Live.
It helps you focus more on your music and less on your laptop, by providing 16 buttons, 24 knobs and eight faders, all of which integrate seamlessly with Live to give you total hands-on control.

When combined with Launchpad’s intuitive 64-button grid, Launch Control XL provides extraordinary simultaneous control over Ableton Live’s session view, mixer, effects and instruments.
Crafting the perfect mix has never been easier!
Novation  LaunchPad Pro
App 514-721-1518   
Professional Grid Performance Instrument . Lets you create dynamic, expressive performances in 435.00 261.00 255.78
Ableton Live or any other music software, and even with external MIDI hardware. Use the 8x8 grid of RGB
velocity-sensitive pads to trigger and combine clips, create dynamic beats and play melodic lines. Makes it as
easy as possible to control Ableton Live, by building four simple modes into Launchpad Pro, which streamline
everything for you: Session Mode: immediately trigger and combine your clips; Note Mode: create dynamic
beats and play the grid just like an instrument; Device Mode: easily apply effects to your performance; User
Mode: create unique custom performances and layouts.