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Zoom  Q2HD
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Capturing Quality HD Video Just Got Easier!
When you pick up a Zoom Q2HD handy video recorder, all you need are the lights and the action. Delightfully affordable and deceptively portable, the Zoom Q2HD lets you keep a high-quality video recorder in your gig bag or pocket, ready to go at a moment's notice. Chances are, without even cracking open the manual, you'll be up and running in no time, recording your next performance in up to 1080p HD-quality video. What's more, the Q2HD comes loaded with Zoom's amazing mid-side stereo microphone setup, so you'll get wonderfully realistic stereo imaging and fantastic audio quality to go with your videos. A host of other excellent (and useful) functions such as a built-in highpass filter, auto gain mode, speaker, and tripod mount, all add up to ...
Zoom  Q2n
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Handy Video Recorder
If you’re an aspiring musician, video plays an important role in helping you reach a wider fan base. It’s a digital world and that means an inspiring performance can take the Internet by storm. But you can’t capture your music with just any camera. You need one that records incredible audio.

The Zoom Q2n gives you a fast and easy way to create HD videos with high-impact audio. The built-in X/Y microphones capture sound with beautiful stereo imaging. And the 160-degree wide-angle lens excels in an array of lighting conditions—whether you’re filming at home, in a rehearsal space, or at a club.

With the Q2n in hand, you can finally make videos that sound as great as they look—at a price more affordable than ever.

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Zoom  Q4
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Definitive Sound. Singular Vision.

The world needs listeners and viewers, but it belongs to the creators.

The Zoom Q4 is all about bringing a new dimension to your music.
It combines high-definition video with high-resolution audio,
providing everything you need to shoot amazing videos with incredible sound.
That means you'll never have to compromise on creativity.
Zoom  Q8
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You?ve never seen ? or heard ? anything like it.

The Q8 marries high-definition video with high-resolution audio, making it the perfect camera for music and video creators everywhere. Its 160 degree wide-angle lens and digital zoom ensure that you?ll always capture the complete picture. Combine that with ZOOM?s groundbreaking interchangeable mic capsule system and two XLR/TRS combo inputs for a world of options.