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Primacoustic  Cumulus   (Z840 1210 ...
159.99$ CAD   
The Primacoustic Cumulus is a triangular broadband acoustic corner trap that effectively absorbs sound energy from 125Hz and up. Designed to fit in corners where the walls and ceiling meet, the Cumulus takes advantage of the natural propagation of sound that occurs in all rooms. Sound waves follow the wall and ceiling planes and accumulate in the corners, a well known hot spot in small rooms
Primacoustic  FullTrap   (Z840 1100...
524.99$ CAD   
The Primacoustic FullTrapT is an attractive 24" x 48" x 8" broadband absorber designed to effectively control bass as low as 75Hz and extend well above the threshold of human hearing. The extended range is achieved via a 3-way absorption process that includes an absorptive front panel to control mid-range and high frequencies; an air cavity behind the front panel that extends bass and provides low mid control; plus a heavy limp-mass membrane that is suspended within the frame and left to vibrate to absorb deep bass.
Primacoustic  GoTrap?   (Z840 1120 ...
499.99$ CAD   
GoTrap Studio Gobo and Bass Trap

?Reduces spill between instruments
?Full size 24" x 36" design can be stacked
?Baltic birch construction with dove-tail joints
?Choice of black, grey or beige

The Primacoustic GoTrap is a combination studio gobo and bass trap that is designed to enhance the recording process by controlling spill between instruments, while passively removing excessive bass from the room.

It features two Broadway fabric covered high-density glass wool acoustic panels mounted on both sides that effectively absorb the sound. This is augmented with a heavy internal MDF board that adds mass to help contain spill between instruments. The MDF board also acts like a low frequency resonator that combines with the acoustic panels and the dee...
Primacoustic  MaxTrap   (Z840 1110 ...
524.99$ CAD   
The MaxTrap is a great looking 24" x 48" broadband acoustical absorber designed specifically for use in corners to provide all important bass frequency control while simultaneously reducing mid and high frequency reflections. It is well documented that wall and ceiling planes tend to reflect and guide bass energy into corners. With this knowledge, acousticians almost always look at situating bass traps in corner joints where walls intersect.