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Novation  Circuit
459.00$ CAD   
The inspirational grid-based groove box.
Circuit is designed to inspire. Two Novation polysynths and a four-part drum machine, combined with an intuitive grid-based sequencer in a standalone box that will have you making electronic music in minutes. Hit some pads, tweak the knobs and your track will start to emerge, all locked in time and key. Play around with effects, patterns and sounds in real time, to produce your track, brimming with fat grooves and beats.

Tech Spec
Product Hardware Specifications

32 RGB backlit velocity sensitive button grid
28 RGB backlit function buttons
8 Continuous pots with RGB indicator LEDs
Dedicated filter and volume pots
1/4" jack sockets for left and right outputs
Two MIDI sockets (3.5mm jack sockets with MIDI d...
Novation  Circuit Mono Station
699.00$ CAD   
Circuit Mono Station is a next-generation sequenced monosynth that
originates from the Bass Station II, with three sequencer tracks that
benefit from the 32 velocity-sensitive RGB pads found on Circuit. The
synth has two oscillators, three distortion modes, plus one multi-mode
filter that can be high-pass, low-pass or band-pass.
With Circuit Mono Station, the sync and tuning parameters of its two
oscillators can be individually controlled. It also offers four waveshapes
(sawtooth, triangle, square and sample + hold), a sub-oscillator, ring
modulation and noise generation. Users can get the frequency band
they want by applying high-pass, low-pass and band-pass filters with
slopes of 12dB and 24dB. In addition, Circuit Mono Station introduces a
Novation  LaunchPad Pro
399.00$ CAD   
Professional Grid Performance Instrument . Lets you create dynamic, expressive performances in 435.00 261.00 255.78
Ableton Live or any other music software, and even with external MIDI hardware. Use the 8x8 grid of RGB
velocity-sensitive pads to trigger and combine clips, create dynamic beats and play melodic lines. Makes it as
easy as possible to control Ableton Live, by building four simple modes into Launchpad Pro, which streamline
everything for you: Session Mode: immediately trigger and combine your clips; Note Mode: create dynamic
beats and play the grid just like an instrument; Device Mode: easily apply effects to your performance; User
Mode: create unique custom performances and layouts.