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Behringer  POWERPLAY P16-MB   (POWE...
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Mounting bracket for P16-M Digital Personal Mixer
Attaches to standard mic, music or drum stands
High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
DBX  PMC16   (PMC16)
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Dial in YOUR mix exactly as YOU want it, in Real Time.

The PMC16 is a 16 channel personal monitor controller which allows the user to create a custom mix from 16 channels of audio. Designed to be used with the dbx TR1616 or any other BLU link compatible device, the PMC16 allows for monitoring with headphones, in-ear monitors, powered monitors, or traditional wedge monitors. Multiple PMC16s can be daisy chained using CAT5e cable allowing each user to receive 16 channels of high-resolution digital audio and create their own personalized mix to suit their monitoring needs. The PMC16 comprises a 16 channel mixer section with full control of levels, panning, effect send levels, muting, and soloing. Onboard Lexicon© reverb provides the finishing touch. The PMC16's output processing sect...
Fostex  ST-300
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Fostex's ST300 Headphone Stand is a wooden headphone stand for an elegant display of your Fostex headphones.
Grado  REPLACEMENT PADS (large)   (...
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Pads for SR80 to RS1 and SR225i and up to RS1i.
Hear Technologies  Hear Back Hub   ...
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Hub for Hear Back System
Hear Technologies  Microphone Stand Adapter&n...
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For use with Hear Back Mixer and Mix
Back Remote
Presonus  HP2
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Designed for musicians and performers who demand mobility without compromising audio quality, the HP2 personal headphone amplifier is a great choice for driving wired in-ear monitors (IEMs), as well as headphones. PreSonus HP-series headphone amplifiers have long been popular for their loud, clean, clear sound and roadworthy built quality. The new HP2 delivers these qualities in an easily affordable, stereo device so you?ll hear every note and beat clearly wherever your music takes you.
Radial Engineering  SB-7 Ear Muff  ...
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Turns off one side of headphones to stop bleed
Artist can hear both playback and instrument
Level control enables artist to set ideal volume
Completely passive, does not require power

When overdubbing in an orchestral setting, the artist is usually listening to a pre-recorded track while playing his or her part of the score. To better hear the pitch and tonality of the instrument, the artist will often remove one side of the headphones by pulling it away from one ear. In doing so, the headphone level is increased to compensate and this in turn, causes sound from the open phone to bleed into the recording microphone, contaminating the mix. This is a common problem when recording violins, flutes and other orchestral instruments.

The Radial StageBug SB-7 Earm...
Shure  P3TRA215CL-G20
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P3TRA215CL features SE215 Sound IsolatingT Earphones, all-metal components with optional receiver rechargeability, and more advanced receiver controls.
.Includes P3RA, P3T, SE215, rackmount and hardware kits, ¼ wave antenna, BNC bulkhead adapter, BNC cable, power supply, battery adapter kit, 2 AA batteries, zipper bag, and user guide