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The ART HeadAmp6PRO is a six-channel stereo headphone amplifier that includes a six-channel auxiliary input section that can be used to provide the popular "More-Me" function on each headphone mix. Each output channel also features a dual function BALANCE control which will pan between LEFT & RIGHT sides of the main signal bus, or vary the MIX between the main signal bus and the AUXILIARY input for that respective channel.

Bass and treble controls are included on each output channel for fine-tuning the tone. Outputs include both front and rear panel stereo 1/4-inch TRS jacks for ease of installation and quick patching capability. Two MONO select buttons on each channel select between four operating modes; 1) Stereo, 2) Mono Left, 3) Mono Right, 4) Mono Both (Left & Right) for vers...
Behringer  HA4700   (HA4700)
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Behringer  HA6000
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6-Channel High-Power Headphones Mixing and Distribution Amplifier

Professional, multi-purpose headphones amplifier system for stage and studio applications
Highest sonic quality with virtually all types of headphones even at maximum volume
6 independent high-power amplifier sections provide up to six stereo mixes with individual balance controls
Each input/aux section can be separately adjusted for 'more me' mixing
Stereo Aux input for each channel allows you to mix in any instrument or sound source
Ultra-musical High and Low EQ per channel for perfect sound adaptation
Output level control with accurate 8-digit LED output meter per channel
Individual Left/Right Mono switches for each channel
1 front and 1 rear TRS output connectors per channel
Fostex  HP-A3
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The new Fostex HP-A3 is the perfect DAC for Computer Audio. This high quality unit features 32bit D/A Conversion with an integrated headphone amplifier exclusively designed to get the most from and PC audio set-up.

Why settle for 'built-in' D/A conversion when you can drastically improve the quality of your audio with a Fostex HP-A3?

USB Cables
Now available, new ET-U1.0 and ET-U0.5 USB constructed using OCF Ag coated annealed copper wire.

In DetailUSB Bus power without using unwanted AC adapter
Works with up to 24bit/96kHz audio source
Exclusive PLL power supply is built in to reproduce the stable electrical supply
High quality analog headphone amp to drive any type of headphones
Equipped with hgih-grade AKM 32bit(*) DAC AK4...
Fostex  HP-A4
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Model HP-A4 is a new, improved version of the acclaimed HP-A3. It offers up to DSD 5.6MHz and PCM 192kHz for superior audio playback functionality as well as the sophisticated and class-leading appearance of the flagship HP-A8C.

In DetailUSB buss powered operation without AC adapter
Linear PCM audio up to 24bit/192kHz and DSD audio up to 5.6MHz playback*
Quick and easy hi-resolution playback in combination with "FOSTEX Audio Player" software
HI/LO Gain selection (10dB) for wider range of headphones
Asynchronous transfer mode by using the custom made crystal
Digital Filer selecting Roll-off characteristics and Cut-off characteristics according to the audio source
Complies with USB Audio Class 2.0 on Windows XP (SP2 or later) / Vista / 7 / 8 and Ma...
Fostex  HP-A8C
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The new HP-A8C is Fostex's flagship 32bit DAC / Headphone Amplifier model and features finely designed Analog and Digital circuitries as well as the epoch-making DSD audio playback function.

Housed in a gorgeous enclosure featuring glass front panel and black side panel, the HP-A8C is set to spark the interest of both high-end headphone users as well as PC audio makers, professionals and enthusiasts.

Partner with the new TH-900, premium headphones for excellent results.

USB Driver for Windows
Dedicated USB driver software is necessary to install on PC for Windows (7 or earlier). Mac OS (10.6.1) works with the HP-A8C with its own USB driver.

USB Cables
Now available, new ET-U1.0 and ET-U0.5 USB constructed using OCF Ag coated annealed copper w...
Hear Technologies  Hear Back Four Pack &...
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Hear Back | Personal Monitor Mixer System
Hear Technologies has designed a new personal monitor mixer system called the Hear Back. It changes the way monitor mixing is accomplished on stage or auditorium; as well as, in the studio
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The new HP4 from PreSonus answers the project studio owner's needs for headphone distribution with professional specifications and more in a small package with an affordable price. The unit comes in a 1/3 rack space chassis similar to the TUBEpre. The HP4 accepts unbalanced or balanced inputs or outputs (1/4" TS/TRS). The input can either be set to stereo or mono. The mono selector button on the front channel simply copies both inputs to both sides. The HP4 features four discreet headphone outputs on the front panel each with its own volume potentiometer and 250mW of amplification per channel. Can you say quiet? PreSonus can with a -98 dB noise floor and wide frequency response. Also, the HP4 allows control over control room monitors with a separate volume potentiometer that can be muted u...
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Features . 6 ultra low-noise, high-output PreSonus headphone amplifiers . Audio inputs include two stereo main inputs (A and B), as well as external input for each channel allowing user to mix between three stereo audio streams (mix A, mix B, and external input "more me") . Stereo output available on each channel to send line level channel mixes to additional headphone amplifiers or monitor systems . Channel controls feature headphone level, mix between inputs A and B, external input volume, mute and mono . Also features talkback via external XLR microphone . Ultimate headphone amplification system delivering loud and clear headphone mixes for real-world recording situations.
ROLLS  EB77   (EB77)
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Stereo Earbuds
Headphone Amplifiers and Personal Monitor Systems
ROLLS  HA43Pro   (HA43Pro)
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The HA43 Pro is a full frequency response four channel headphone monitoring device designed for the recording studio, or other professional applications like listening rooms and monitoring stations. Each output boasts a whopping 20 dB of clean channel gain.
ROLLS  HA540   (HA540)
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The Bellari HA540 is a audiophile grade headphone amplifier. The all class A signal path ensures smooth clean analog audio. The 0 feedback design means smooth natural analog response. It features 2 input paths and high gain for MP3 players, ipod, etc and a low gain path from audio selectors, mixers, satellite receivers, etc.. It also features direct into the tube grid coupling for no loss or distortion. The unit is included with a universal powersupply for use most anywhere in the world.
ROLLS  PM351   (PM351)
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Personal Monitor Station
The PM351, like its predecessor the PM350b, is a personal monitoring device with a 1/4" TRS stereo/mono Line Input,a single XLR Microphone input and hard-wired XLR pass-through, and a 1/4" stereo/mono Instrument input with two transformer-balanced and isolated XLR Outputs. All three of these inputs are also routed via individual Level controls, to a 1/4" and an 1/8" (3.5mm) Phone Output. The Mic Through, and Instrument outputs have jumpered Ground Lifts for elimination of ground hum. The PM351 is ideal for live bands and church musicians, as well as studio musicians and singers. Having the ability to monitor a main mix along with the musician's voice and their instrument make the PM351 an effective and versatile tool.
ROLLS  PM50s   (PM50s)
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Personal monitor amp
The PM50s mixes a stereo or mono line-level Monitor signal with a mic level XLR microphone signal to a set of headphones or earphones. It has a monitor level control, mic level control, mic pass through XLR jacks, two headphone output jacks, and a stereo TRS 1/4" monitor input jack. Possible users may be drummers who need to hear a click track, choir singers who need to hear themselves, etc. The power adapter is included.
Rupert Neve Designs  RNHP
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Precision Headphone Amplifier

Precision Sound
Wide-open, extremely detailed sound quality allows you to get the most out of your headphones
Dedicated Power
High-power, high-headroom design can effortlessly drive high-impedance (up to 600 Ohm) headphones even during the loudest, most dynamic tracking sessions
Reliable Translation
The near-zero output impedance (.01 Ohm at 1kHz), direct-coupled amplifier design provides for excellent translation with any pair of headphones
Precision Stereo Potentiometer
The highly damped stereo potentiometer is designed to give you precise level control and maintain perfect left-right balance
Professional Line Input
The calibrated +4dBu line input is selected with the ?A? switch. The combo jack accepts either X...
Samson  S-Phone
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The S phone is a versatile single rack space four channel headphone amplifier, loaded with advanced features that provide tremendous flexibility for monitor and cue mixing. The Master Input features an input level and LED meter to control and display the overall stereo input. Each of S phone's four channels includes three Headphone Outputs with an overall Volume control and individual Level meters. A convenient Stereo Auxiliary input is available on each channel so that individual line signals from direct or buss outputs can be mixed with the main stereo input. The Balance control adjusts the ratio of the Main and Auxiliary signal or the left to right balance (based on the setting of the ST/2CH switch) so that each headphone mix can be further tailored for a particular listener's individua...
Sound Devices  HX-3
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The compact HX-3 Headphone Distribution Amplifier is the perfect accessory to quickly provide three high-performance stereo headphone feeds with individual level controls from line-level sources. The HX-3 can produce very high headphone levels with extremely low noise and distortion.
SPL  HPm Headphone Monitoring Amplifier 500 S...
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Headphone Monitoring Amp with SPL Phonitor Matrix in the format of a 500 series rack module
Two separate headphone outputs each equipped with a separate amplifier stage
The Phonitor Matrix eliminates the super-stereo-effect inherent in traditional headphone amplifier designs
Speaker-like listening experience on headphones
Crossfeed and Speaker Angle can be individually adjusted to achieve a headphone playback sounding equal to your loudspeaker playback
Center Level to correctly level the phantom center signals when mixing on headphones
The HPm can easily be inserted between the DAW and a monitor controller because the input signals of the HPm are slaved through to the outputs of the 500 series rack
Phase Inversion of left or right channel as well as a Stereo/Mon...
SPL  Phonitor 2   (1280)
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Your Excellency, Phonitor II.

We are uber-happy to introduce the successor of our legendary Phonitor 2 headphone preamp. We have kept all proven features while incorporating some major improvements - as such, the new Phonitor can be used as the ultimate monitor controller and preamp for three different sources. Likewise, we revised the 120-Volt technology in order for it to perform better, which resulted in our measurement gear being outclassed. Even our creative team got even more creative and came up with a fascinating name: "Phonitor 2." There's only one thing that remained unchanged: the price.

NEW in Phonitor 2
?Preamplifier/Monitor Controller functionality
?Suited for all headphones and impedances
?Volume remotely controllable

Important Feature...
SPL  Phonitor Mini   (1320)
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The outstanding technical and sonic characteristics of the Phonitor 2 were translated into a more compact and less-expensive format to create the Phonitor mini. Its ease-of-use, small and sturdy housing and affordable price, make the Phonitor mini the perfect headphone amp for home studios, hi-fi enthusiasts and mobile recording and mixing. The Phonitor mini is our high-end/low-size version of a premium headphone amplifier. And it obviously features the Phonitor Matrix too, to recreate speaker-like working conditions, plus the developments of the second generation of our 120-Volt amplifier technology.

Important Features
?120 Volt Amplifier for Headphons
?Phonitor Matrix
?Optimally suited for all dynamic headphones from 10 Ohm
?Mount-stand compatible wi...