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Fostex  T20RPmk3
199.00$ CAD   
Open Headphones engineered with Fostex's patented RP (Regulate Phase) ? Ideal for professional use in commercial recording studios ? Frequency Response: 20Hz - 30kHz ? Max Input 2000 mW ? Impedance 50 ohm ? Semi-open type construction offers rich low frequency sound while maintaining all nuances of vocal performance ? Excellent transient characteristics?RefinedFostexproprietaryRegularPhase(RP)diaphragmdriverusingcopperfoiletchedpolyimidefilm andpowerfulneodymiummagnet?Maximuminputlevelof3000mWtocomplywithvariousprofessionaluses?Newly developedlowrepulsionearpadandheadpadformaximumcomfort?Comeswith3m1/4?plugdetachablecablefor best serviceability and 1.2m mini plug cable for portable audio use ? Newly designed package so the driver type and sound characteristics can be highly visible and dis...
Fostex  T40RPmk3
199.00$ CAD   
Closed Headphones engineered with Fostex's patented RP (Regulate Phase) Enclosed type for excellent sound reproduction?Alsopreventsfeedbackintothemicatrecordingsessions?Idealforprofessionaluseinnoisyenvironments, thefirstchoiceforDJworkandbroadcastsoundengineers?FrequencyResponse:15Hz-30kHz ?MaxInput2000mW? Impedance50ohm?RefinedFostexproprietaryRegularPhase(RP)diaphragmdriverusingcopperfoiletchedpolyimide film and powerful neodymium magnet ? Maximum input level of 3000mW to comply with various professional uses ? Newlydevelopedlowrepulsionearpadandheadpadformaximumcomfort?Comeswith3m1/4?plugdetachablecable forbestserviceabilityand1.2mminiplugcableforportableaudiouse?Newlydesignedpackagesothedrivertypeand sound characteristics can be highly visible and distinguishable.
Fostex  T50RPmk3
199.00$ CAD   
Semi-Open Stereo Headphones ? Flagship model of RP stereo headphones employing FOSTEX?s proprietary RP Technology ? 4-color printed package designed to be hung on a hook in stores ? 3000mW of maximum input ? Newly developedRPDiaphragmemployingcopperfoiletchedonapolyimidefilm?Neodymiummagnetforhighsensitivityand excellent transient handling ? Single, detachable cable for minimum signal transmission loss and ease-of-use ? Highgradeear-padsandhead-bandsforincreasedcomfort?Dampedsemi-opendesignforextendedlow-frequencyandclear mid/treble reproduction ? Refined Fostex proprietary Regular Phase (RP) diaphragm driver using copper foil etched polyimidefilmandpowerfulneodymiummagnet?Maximuminputlevelof3000mWtocomplywithvariousprofessional uses?Newlydevelopedlowrepulsionearpadandheadpadformaximumcomf...
Fostex  TH-500RP
899.00$ CAD   
Fostex have long since used RP (Regular Phase) diaphragm technology in their acclaimed professional studio headphones such as the T20RPmk2 and the recent T-series models.The new TH500RP model now combines this RP technology with the design philosophy and flair of the TH900, resulting in a set premium headphones which deliver a simply stunning high resolution sound, with sparkling highs, rich mid tones and high quality lows. - See more at: