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Millennia  HV-32
742.74$ CAD   
Authentic Transparency for Unrestricted Creativity
Fits in API 200 frame and API Legacy and Vision consoles
Continuously variable gain control
DC coupled ribbon mic with 10dB gain boost setting
48V phantom power
15 dB Pad
Millennia  STT-1
4075.09$ CAD   
The STT-1 Origin is a fantastic recording channel that can be amazingly versatile. This level of gear requires a substantial investment, but in this case the price is appropriate and it's an investment in something that won't become obsolete and lose half its value before you get it home. Nick Batzdorf, Editor, Recording Magazine Review 2001
Millennia  TD-1
2509.90$ CAD   
The Millennia TD-1 really is as good as the rave reviews have indicated. When it comes to that hard-to describe concept we call “air,” nothing can touch the TD-1 - it sounds as if the world’s best Eq was used to boost just the right frequencies to really open up both the source and the room sound. The BIG surprise was that the TD-1 was definitely improving the sound: when I walked into the live room, I was surprised at how much “air” the TD-1 was adding.