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SPL  Gain Station 1   (2272)
1799.00$ CAD   
Single channel microphone and instrument preamplifier

Modern audio production relies increasingly on digital systems for recording and mixing processes (DAW's, digital consoles etc.). But still digital systems do not offer the same audio qualities and sound characteristics of high-end analog equipment. Especially digital equalizers and other aspects of the mixing domain cannot compete with the open, transparent sound of the best analog gear. So today more than ever, your input signal has to sound as good as possible-the quality of your original tracks will largely define the end result.

Attacking this problem on the preamplification front, with the goal of noticeably improving a signal and sending it along its path with a healthy foundation, requires a great deal of thou...
SPL  Gain Station 1 AD w/ Digital Output ...
1999.00$ CAD   
Model 2272001 with A/D converter
SPL  GainStation 8 Mk2
9999.00$ CAD   
8 Channel Class A + Tube Preamplifier

The GainStation 8 Mk2 is the premium recording front end, ensuring that signals of all kinds are pre-amplified with the highest quality.

Nowadays typical preamps are designed on an either-or basis ? either solid state or tube. With these designs the engineer has a non integrated and thus often frustrating choice between a pure, neutral solid state recording or one unavoidably influenced by tubes. While the engineer may find solutions for one application with one microphone, a preamplifier for different situations, mics and instruments must provide a commensurate range of choices?like the GainStation preamps. A combination of 63dB solid state and an independently controllable 26dB tube

circuitry (which can also be deactivated...
SPL  Gold Mike Mk2 AD w/ Digital Output ...
2499.00$ CAD   
Dual-channel microphone and instrument preamplifier with AD convertion.
SPL  GoldMike MK2   (2485)
2199.00$ CAD   
We love good microphones

Like its successful predecessor, the GoldMike Mark2 retains a hybrid solid state and tube construction to combine the best of both worlds.
The transistor stage is composed of single transistors in a class A design. The circuitry is fully discrete, and each transistor is completely optimized for its specific task. You will not find any IC's in this preamplifier stage because they cannot be optimized for this specific application to the degree we aimed for.
This all new discrete class A transistor stage is a genuine innovation in the entire preamplifier market at this price level.
?Frequency response <10Hz bis 90kHz (-3dB)
?THD+N (Input level -30dBu, 30dB Gain) 0,016%
?Noise (A-w., R=40Ohm, 30dB Gain) -91,2dBu
?Dynamic range (30dB G...