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Electro-Voice  EKX-15SP   (EKX-15SP...
1149.00$ CAD   
EKX-15SP Powered 15" Subwoofer
Electro-Voice  EKX-18SP   (EKX-18SP...
1249.00$ CAD   
EKX-18SP Powered 18" Subwoofer
Electro-Voice  ZXA1-Sub
749.00$ CAD   
Extending the ZXA1's size-defying performance and sleek styling into the low-end realm, the ZXA1-Sub packs 700 W of self-powered punch into a low-profile wood enclosure. Match ZXA1 with ZXA1-Sub and hear just how big a small rig can sound, whether you want to add a tight thump to a DJ set or give the highs and mids some breathing room in a live performance.