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879.00$ CAD   
Remote included.
Key Features . Up to five stereo inputs (2 digital and 3 analog) . No compromise 24 Bit DAC for Digital Inputs - 115dB dynamic range .
Completely passive audio path - no transistors or IC's . Up to three sets of monitor outputs; each with passive volume trims . Talkback microphone
with volume to feed cue outputs . Both analog VU and digital LED meters . Front panel headphone jack with volume . MAIN and CUE Stereo Output
each have independent input source
Three sets of analog stereo inputs accommodate DAW/Mixer, Tape/CD, or Keyboard/Sampler outputs. Two of these analog inputs feature TRS
Balanced jacks and the third stereo input features RCA inputs with a trim control for matching unbalanced signals. In addition, the Central Station
will accommod...
Presonus  Monitor Station V2
439.00$ CAD   
Equip your studio with pro monitoring features for a song.

Manage multiple audio sources and sets of monitor speakers, track using illegally loud headphone amplifiers, and talk back to your drummer-all from your desktop.

Consider Your Sources.

Switch quickly and easily between up to four audio sources with a selection of input types.

Manage Your Destinations.

Audition your music with your choice of three stereo pairs of speaker outputs, each with separate level control-and four screaming-loud headphone outs.

Get This In Your Head.

With Monitor Station V2, you can evict the drummer from the main room, banish the guitarist to the bathroom, shove the singer into a closet, and make them like it.

Have it Your Way.