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Mercury Recording  66 Limiting Amplifier
App 514-721-1518   
The Mercury 66 Limiting Amplifier is, as true as possible, a recreation of the classic Fairchild limiters-- using parts that are available today-- and meets all of the original specifications. But more importantly, it SOUNDS like a Fairchild 660. When using the Mercury M66 music, program material and instrumentation reacts the same as a Fairchild 660 does.
Mercury Recording  Mercury EQ-H1
App 514-721-1518   
The Mercury EQ-H1 has transformer balanced input and output, with a single ended gain make up amplifier. The EQ-H's passive EQ/gain make up amp topology provides a musically satisfying result unobtainable with active and parametric EQs, since it does not rely upon negative feedback (and all it's associated phase and dynamic distortions) to achieve equalization.
Mercury Recording  Mercury EQ-P1
App 514-721-1518   
Mercury Recording Equipment Co. is committed to recreating every magical nuance of the original in a modern production. The goal was that the Mercury EQ-P1 Program Equalizer would add that magic touch to music like the original, we achieved that goal. Mercury has tried to keep all elements in line with the original designer's ideas with only minor improvements. Adding a couple of extra frequencies for more flexibility and we use DC on the heaters (of the tubes) rather than AC for better performance as well as a new very quiet and stable power supply.