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SPL  De-Esser
App 514-721-1518   
The SPL De-Esser is a highly specialised audio tool for removing undesired sibilant frequencies in a very simple and musical way without compromising the timbre and natural character of a voice.

To solve this difficult problem, SPL has developed a new circuit design that combines ease of use with natural sound characteristics and the highest level of technical performance. The SPL De-Esser monitors the S-frequency spectrum and automatically detects the sibilant frequencies. The de-ess bandwidth is set so narrowly around the range of the sibilance that neighbouring frequencies remain unaffected. Input processed via this frequency band is mixed back into the main signal phase-inverted so that only the S-sounds are cancelled where the S-reduction controller determines the intensity ...
SPL  DeS Dual Band De-Esser 500 Series module
App 514-721-1518   
Sibilance reduction by phase cancellation
Very effective - very unobtrusive
2-band processing: Hi-S and Lo-S
Only 2 controls - easy and fast to use
De-S intensity LED display
Male/Female voice selection
ON/bypass switch
Signal LED
Single-Slot 500 series rack module
Made in Germany
SPL  IRON Mastering Compressor
App 514-721-1518   
The IRON mastering compressor is not a copy of a classic unit, but rather an original concept in itself. Our goal was to conceive a compressor that provided a pleasant, melodic-sounding, transparent compression, inspired on the vintage compressors of the radio era. And we wanted it to be versatile enough to adapt perfectly to the needs of modern mastering studios.

Thus, the IRON combines not only the sonic virtues of legendary vintage tube compressors with the advantages of the High Dynamic 120 V operating voltage in a single unit. It also sets a new benchmark in terms of tube compressor technology, with the innovative implementation of a parallel dual-tube circuit.

Variable bias tube compressor
Parallel dual tube circuit
Tube selection and pairing with Weigl Roe ...
SPL  Kultube Stereo Compressor
App 514-721-1518   
The Kultube is a stereo compressor with a broad range of control facilities that cover all typical compressor applications. From improved stereo mixes in the ?MIDI Studio? to surround mastering with several devices connected, all jobs can be undertaken to the highest degree of sound quality.

Stereo compressor with discrete, Class A gain components (instead of industrial VCAs)
Single track or subgroup/summed signal processing in studio and live recording
Stereo and multi-channel applications
Achieve massive attacks and increased loudness without side-effects
Progressive Time Control: interactive automation of attack and release times, the permanent reaction to the input signal ensures musical perfection (no fixed automation presets)
Adjustable tube s...
SPL  Passeq   (2595)
App 514-721-1518   
The most powerful passive EQ ever made

The Passeq is a classic design with passive coil filters and perfectly fulfills the highest expectations in all areas of audio processing, from recording and mixing to mastering and playback.
The superior sound qualities and musical characteristics of passive filters ideally meet increasing demands in creating manifold sound colors full of character. In the HiFi domain, the Passeq is the high-end EQ beyond doubt - a perfect tool to solve room acoustical problems by the turn of a knob or improve the sound of old, or inferior, sources.

Unique Features
? The most powerful passive EQ ever made-144 (!) passive filters (72 per channel) in one EQ.
?Individual coils per filter.
?Single core coils, which means that every on...
SPL  PQ Mastering Equalizer
App 514-721-1518   
The PQ Mastering Equalizer is a fully parametric, dual-channel five-band equalizer.

The PQ Mastering Equalizer ? Model 1540/1544 is a new revised edition of the well-known SPL PQ Mastering Equalizer ? Model 2050.

Both units are based on our 120V Rail Technology. The new PQ features the same high-quality characteristics as the previous model.

All five bands can each be activated or deactivated and you got the possibility (for every single band) to separately switch between Constant Q and Proportional Q. This kind of circuit has not yet been achieved in any other equalizer.

Each channel can completely be activated or deactivated, thanks to Auto-Bypass, even automated in a freely selectable time frame.

Bypass of each band and constant Q of the left...
SPL  Qure
App 514-721-1518   
Parametric 3-band EQ & Qure-Tube Sound

The Qure is ideally suited for demanding tonal shaping of individual instruments, voices and complex musical signals. All applications benefit from the unique tonal potential and the sophisticated filtering design that perfectly complements the fine details of the sound being processed.

The highly sophisticated circuitry of the Qure forms the basis for its outstanding tonal qualities: each filter is serially connected on separate boards with individual op-amps, resulting in excellent noise and distortion values, with a hard bypass available for each individual filter.

2 x 3-band fully parametric EQ
Proportional Q operation
Variable HF and LF cut filters
Unique QURE control
Variable input gain (-12dB...
SPL  Stereo Vitalizer Mk2 T   (9739...
App 514-721-1518   
Also and especially with this tube version of the patented Vitalizer® filter network you can effortlessly achieve an objective improvement while optimizing your sound.
Your ears are in control and you have the ability to make any production or recording sound better instantly: more detail, more transparency, more loudness and, if needed, also a compelling low-end foundation.
Regardless of whether you process a single channel or a sum of channels, the Vitalizer® takes your sound to a professional level.

The MK2-T fits into the range of Vitalizer products between the standard Stereo Vitalizer MK2 and the high-end mastering version, the Tube Vitalizer.
?Disarmingly ease of use, intuitive operation by ear
?Ideal for stereo sources
?Connection to master or subgroup...
SPL  TDx Transient Designer 500 Series module
App 514-721-1518   
Extended original Transient Designer circuitry
NEW: Parallel MIX control - blend between "Wet" and "Dry"
ATTACK: amplify or attenuate attacks
SUSTAIN: Prolong or shorten sustain
Differential Envelope Technology (DET)
Output level control
ON/Bypass switch
Signal LED
Single-Slot 500 series rack module
Made in Germany
SPL  Transient Designer 4   (9842)
App 514-721-1518   
The Transient Designer offers a completely new technology for level-independent shaping of the dynamic response of a sound: For the first time it is possible to control the attack and sustain behaviour of a signal in a very simple way! Unlike other dynamic devices, the processing is not goverened by the signal level but rather by its dynamic envelope, so all signals (loud and soft) are processed equally.