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Antelope Audio  10MX Rubidium Atomic Clock
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Rubidium Atomic Clock
10MX features the atomic precision of 10M and Trinity?s groundbreaking jitter management algorithm
10MX is the newest and the premier member of the Isochrone family. It features technologies from two of Antelope?s legendary products. The atomic precision of the 10M and the sophisticated jitter-management algorithm of Trinity are combined in a futuristic, 1U rack space enclosure, providing the world?s most stable and musical clocking.
10MX is a fusion of proven technologies and contemporary industrial design, where no compromises are allowed and both build-quality, and performance-excellence are top priority. The new Rubidium Atomic Clock is an epiphany of more than 20 years? expertise in the digital aud...
Antelope Audio  LiveClock
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Portable 192 kHz Master Clock


- Oven Controlled Discrete Transistor Crystal Oscillator for lowest jitter
- Easy to configure via touch-control
- OS X and Windows compatible software
- Atomic clock input for perfect stability
- Network-enabled control panel


Best clock will always stand for best sound. Now you have both on the go.
The competitive price and elegantly small footprint make LiveClock the perfect choice for all location recordists, home studio producers or traveling artists.
The LiveClock utilizes the same clocking technology, therefore sounds as amazing as Antelope?s legendary Trinity or latest OCX HD master clock.

Reinvent Your Live Sound
A unique in terms o...
Antelope Audio  OCXHD
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768 kHz HD Master Clock

The perfect solution for mastering, recording and project studios, film-scoring, post-production and live sound
For over a decade, Antelope?s legendary OCX Master Clock has been a dominant force in the audio world.
This legacy now continues with the newest master clock by Antelope Audio ? Isochrone OCX HD.

Antelope's 4th-generation AFC jitter management algorithm
Sample rate support up to 768kHz
Output of 5 distinct sample rates enabled by onboard multipliers and dividers
Additional connectivity via 4 AES/EBU, 2 S/PDIF clocking outputs (up to 192kHz)
Comprehensive audio gearboxing
Universal video input (BNC connector)
Atomic clock input for optimized accuracy and calibration
3 recallable...
Antelope Audio  Orion32
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The Antelope Orion32 it's a revolutionary multi-channel AD/DA converter and Master Clock. Up to 192 kHz on 32 channels I/O via custom-built USB chip.

Orion 32 is the world's first 32-channel AD/DA converter and audio master clock in a 1U rack. The device supports both MADI and USB interfaces, clocked by Antelope's renowned 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) technology and oven controlled crystal oscillator.

Orion 32 allows 192 kHz I/O streaming of 32-channel digital audio through its custom-built USB chip, which provides simple connectivity to any USB-enabled DAW or computer. The converter also provides 32 channels of 96 kHz audio through its Fiber Optic MADI I/O connections, which can be used to connect with any suitably equipped MADI device.

Orion 32 al...
Antelope Audio  Pure2
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Pure2 Mastering AD/DA Converter & Clock

Digital clarity, analog warmth

Pure2 is a mastering-grade 24-bit, 192 kHz AD/DA 2-channel converter and master clock that includes a relay-controlled volume attenuator. It features Antelope Audio?s world-renowned Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) technology, and also utilizes pristine analog circuitry, driven by a proprietary multi-stage linear power supply for unsurpassed digital clarity and analog realism.

An intuitive software control panel for Mac or Windows provides users the ability to manage all facets of the device operation. Pure2 is also configurable via the front panel with user-definable presets.

Five ultra high-performance components

A/D converter with optimized overloads handling...
Antelope Audio  TRINITY
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A master clock that stands out, the Antelope Isochone TRINITY is a universal high-definition master clock employing focused clocking with 64-bit DSP and up to 384 khz.
In the fickle world of Audio & Video formats, Trinity is the Master Clock that stands out from the crowd, with the kind of features that others can only aspire to. With dedicated functions and controls, Trinity is the best sounding and most versatile Master Clock available anywhere. Installed in some of the most prominent audio and post production facilities around the globe, Trinity is in the roots of great percentage of the contemporary music and movie productions. Trinity is also an integral component of some of the largest live concerts and events nowadays.

Stable clocking and advanced jitter management