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Neumann  KM 183 D
1440.00$ CAD   
008553 - Digital Microphone Neumann has repeatedly set new standards in the field of analog microphone technology. The first condenser microphone, switchable directional characteristics, the first stereo microphone and 48 V phantom power were all developed by Neumann, introducing new dimensions to the field of microphone and recording technology.

With the digital Solution-D microphone system, Neumann has now succeeded in bringing the dynamic range and signal fidelity of the best analog studio microphones into the digital realm. This means that, for the first time, the whole audio production signal chain is entirely digital.

Optimal A/D conversion, especially developed synchronization technology and the capability of controlling standard microphone parameters and various i...
Neumann  KM 183 D STEREO SET
2760.00$ CAD   
008572 - Stereo Set, 2 x Omnidirectional, Diffuse Field Equalized
Neumann  KM 183 STEREO SET
2040.00$ CAD   
008522 - Miniature Microphone, Omnidirectional, Diffuse Field Equalized
Stereo set, Nickel