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AMT  B811
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The B-811 Condenser Microphone operates without a transformer and has an extremely flat frequency response which is contoured for overhead configurations. When used in pairs, it enables them to accentuate cymbals accurately, while allowing for a good rejection rate outside the perimeter.
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The AMT ERTS is the second generation percussion microphone system from AMT. Designed, manufactured by hand, and distributed by Applied Microphone Technology in the USA. The ERTS is a mini condenser microphone for professional live and studio use. The ERTS qualities include a natural & even reproduction of sound, resistant to feedback, with high SPL tolerances.

The system comes with one AMT microphone with Iso-Ring technology, an AMT inline preamp (phantom power required), and a clamp to fit onto various percussion and even the ropes of hand percussion instruments.

The ERTS incorporates a flat frequency response which allows the microphone to
reproduce percussion instruments as natural as possible. The inline preamp can be placed on the floor, a belt c...
AMT  P800
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The AMT P800 Trumpet microphone system is the only system on the market specifically made to handle the highest SPL levels that a trumpet can reproduce. The element, somewhere in size between a small and large diaphram is hand made by AMT and larger in size than AMT's other system which allows for even the loudest of trumpet players to not overload the microphone.
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The S15G is a low-profile condenser microphone that has a cardioid pattern which gives it better gain before feedback than most guitar microphones on the market. The element as well as the mounting clamp is designed for the instrument. AMT designs microphones for each instrument and does NOT adapt elements or mounting gear to fit instruments.
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The S25B is an electret-condenser microphone that has been designed for acoustic bass. All of the parameters that are problematic for the double bass have been addressed. To be able to get the most gain before feedback it uses a very tight pattern to give a high rejection to surrounding noise, at the same time reproducing accurately the subtleties of the bass.
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The AMT TA2 is a low profile double condenser microphone that attaches to the bell with a low mass clip specifically designed soprano saxophone. The microphone provides pure tonal reproduction while being unobtrusive. The TA2 is an excellent choice for soft to moderate music. A Perfect choice for principal artist or soloist.
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CLARINET, OBOE, ALTO FLUTE & BASS FLUTE DOUBLE MIC SYSTEM. AMT WS double clarinet microphone is the perfect choice for the player that needs control of there volume in a belt pack style setup. Excellent choice for soft to loud music. Principal artist or soloist microphone setup. Both microphone's are suspended in a 4 point isolation ring reducing key and handling noise.
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The AMT Z1 hardwired single microphone made for flute. Formally the Z7. The Z1 is the perfect choice from soft to louder playing applications. It can be used for featured soloist to micing a section of flutes. The AMT Z1 single microphone gets the most gain before feedback. The system comes with the microphone, special low mass flute clamp, and preamp
Audix  i5
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Le I5 est un micro professionnel destiné à un large choix d'applications pour le live ou le studio. Particulièrement adapté à des prises de son de caisse claire, percussions diverses, amplis guitare, cuivres... il accepte très bien les forts nivaux de pression acoustique et peut être aussi utilisé sur la voix.
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his is the ultimate instrument microphone kit for studio/live performing. With the D5400 DUAL KIT for double bass, you will be ready for any studio or live challenge.
Hi definition condenser microphones with superior feedback suppression and high isolation of nearby instruments.

What?s in the box
1 x D5400 (double bass mic)
1 x D5400LB (double bass mic)

Needs 48 Volt of Phantom power
REMIC  The string quartet (Live kit)
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This is the ultimate instrument microphone kit for live performing string quartets, Where the highest suppression of nearby instruments are needed.
Hi definition condenser microphones with the highest feedback suppression ever achieved.

What's in the box
2 x V5200LB (Violin/viola mic) +
1 x B5201LB (Bratsch/viola mic) +
1 X C5300LB (Cello/violone mic)

Needs 48 Volt of Phantom power