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Primacoustic  CrashGuard   (P300 01...
49.99$ CAD   
?Reduces sound of cymbals from spilling into drum mics
?Light weight design fits most popular microphones
?Allows drum mic to be articulated for precise aiming
?Improves isolation for added control over each drum

The CrashGuard is a unique sound-shielding device that isolates the drum microphone to attenuate the sound of cymbals during the recording process. This has the net effect of reducing interference between the two sources thus enabling greater control over the sound of the drum.

Compact and light weight, the CrashGuard is designed to fit most popular drum microphones and mounts directly on the boom stand using the microphone's clip to hold it in place. The high impact ABS ...
Primacoustic  FlexiBooth?   (Z840 1...
549.99$ CAD   
?Creates an instant vocal booth in any room
?Full size 24" x 48" design really works
?Remarkably effective at controlling room ambience
?Easy to mount 'French-cleat' sets up in minutes

The FlexiBooth is a full size 24" x 48" wall-mounted acoustic cupboard that opens up to surround the vocal talent and create a dry 'voice-over? zone. The innovative design separates and attenuates room ambiance from the voice recording, which then allows the engineer to add echo or reverb and equalize the voice to best suit the performance in post production.

From the outside, the FlexiBooth looks like a typical cupboard. It features an attractive black melamine finish that is easy to clean. Inside, ultra high performance 6lb per cubic foot glass wool panels effectively absorb...
Primacoustic  TriPad   (P300 0208 0...
31.99$ CAD   
The TriPad is a microphone stand isolator that prevents vibrations from the stage or studio floor from entering the microphone. By decoupling the stand from the floor, the TriPad breaks the transmission-borne vibrations that can introduce destructive resonance created by drums or bass and prevents them from entering the mic. Designed to fit popular tripod microphone stands, the TriPad is made from high-density open cell foam with a clever cut-out that slips onto the leg stays attached. TriPads are sold in 3-packs.
Primacoustic  VoxGuard VU   (P300 0...
124.99$ CAD   
The Primacoustic VoxGuard is a portable acoustic screen designed to reduce the ambient noise around a microphone when recording. This helps to eliminate excess echo and reverb, allowing the engineer to reintroduce the desired effects during mixing or post-production.

The VoxGuard features high-density open cell acoustic foam that provides maximum absorption throughout the vocal range. An extra large high impact ABS outer shell keeps unwanted noise out, while innovative slotted ports prevent excess bass buildup and resonance commonly associated with stand-mounted absorbers. Once mounted, a rear access cable port allows any hand held or studio microphone to be articulated and directed at a specific source. The VoxGuard has been updated for 2015 and now features a window that allows...