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1399.99$ CAD   
* Two shotgun capsules in one, using two-part interference tube
* Ultra-low noise
* Long shotgun for recording from medium distances
* Short shotgun for video close-up recording

Two shotgun capsules in one, with quick and easy conversion from long to short shotgun applications, from hypercardioid to directional polar patterns.
In its long shotgun configuration, the CK 69-ULS will deliver perfect results for film/TV outdoor applications or indoor front of stage recording from approximately 6 to 8 m (20 to 24 ft.). If you unscrew the front half of the interference tube, the same capsule becomes a short shotgun for use in TV, film and video close-up work. Additionally, the short shotgun mode is ideal for interviews in noisy environments.
The CK 69-ULS ...
499.99$ CAD   
* Short shotgun for use in noisy environments
* Mounts directly on SE 300 B powering unit
* Quick-lock bayonet mount for easy connection to powering unit

The CK 98 combines high sensitivity and controlled directivity. It offers excellent reach, thanks to a very tight polar pattern and exceptionally low self noise. Small size and low weight make the CK 98 ideal for boom applications.
The smooth, wideband frequency response makes it a superb choice for edge-of-stage and ceiling placement in theaters. Includes foam windscreen.