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Electro-Voice  635N/D-B
229.00$ CAD   
The Electro-Voice 635N/D and 635N/D-B
dynamic omnidirectional microphones are
offspring of the legendary 635A microphone.
Built with the same rugged design of the
635A, the 635N/D and 635N/D-B offer a
new neodymium N/DYM® magnet structure
for greater sensitivity. Designed for increased
ruggedness to meet the demands of exacting
professional applications, the 635N/D's and
635N/D-B's are ideally suited for electronic
news production (ENG), electronic field production
(EFP), television, film and radio
remotes and demanding PA applications
* Designed for Broadcast, and other applications.
* Uniform 80 - 13,000 Hz frequency response
* N/DYM element design offers higher output
* Acoustalloy diaphragm material for ver...
Electro-Voice  RE-20
599.00$ CAD   
ndustry Standard Variable-D® dynamic cardioid microphone l Favorite among broadcasters and sound engineers worldwide l Variable-D® design and heavy-duty, internal P-pop filter reduces proximity effect l Internal element shock-mount reduces vibration-induced noise l Bass roll-off switch.