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Sennheiser  E 602 II
189.00$ CAD   
Dynamic Cardioid Bass Microphone
Sennheiser  E 604
169.00$ CAD   
Dynamic Cardioid Rack Tom/Snare Microphone c/w MZH 504
Sennheiser  E 835
109.00$ CAD   
Dynamic Cardioid Microphone
Sennheiser  E 835-S
129.00$ CAD   
Dynamic Cardioid Microphone with switch
Sennheiser  E 902
239.00$ CAD   
Dynamic Cardioid Microphone for Bass Instruments
Ideal for bass drums, bass guitar cab., tuba and all bass instruments.
Sennheiser  E 904
239.00$ CAD   
Dynamic Cardioid Microphone for Percussion Instruments
Ideal for drum miking and percussion instruments.
Sennheiser  E 965
839.00$ CAD   
Large Diaphragm true Condenser Vocal Microphone, Shock Mounted Capsule, Switchable Preattenuation (-10B), pattern and roll-off
Sennheiser  MD 421 U 4
449.00$ CAD   
Dynamic Cardioid Microphone with 5-Position Bass Roll-Off Switch
Sennheiser  MD 46
239.00$ CAD   
Dynamic High-Quality Cardioid Reporter's Microphone
Sennheiser  MK4
349.00$ CAD   
In a world where low-quality side address condenser microphones are all too common, Sennheiser is proud to introduce the MK 4 studio condenser microphone. MK4 is Sennheiser's first large-diaphragm studio condenser microphone. MK4 features a 1" true condenser capsule, optimized for project studio and home studio applications. Sennheiser designed the MK 4 to provide maximum sound quality at a very competitive price point, focusing on exactly what it takes to make an excellent studio microphone. The MK 4 is made in Germany, which is also unique at this price point. While the MK 4 is chiefly designed for professional use in project studios, it is also a versatile tool for all recording environments and even on stage. Due to its affordable price the MK4 is also an ideal choice for home recorder...