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Audio Technica  AC100
399.00$ CAD   
100' RG8-type cable connects remote antennas to a distribution amplifier or wireless receiver. BNC-to-BNC connectors. Boxed.
Audio Technica  AT4049b-EL
349.00$ CAD   
Omnidirectional Element only for AT40xxA models
Audio Technica  AT4051b-EL
349.00$ CAD   
Cardioid Element only for AT40xxA models
Audio Technica  AT4053b-EL
349.00$ CAD   
Hypercardioid Element only for AT40xxA
Audio Technica  ATM350cW   (ATM350C...
239.00$ CAD   
ATM350 high-intensity cardioid condenser clip-on instrument microphone only, with 55" cable terminated for use with UniPak® transmitter. Includes AT8418 clipon instrument mount and AT8468 violin mount. Wireless Essentials®