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Mark Bass  New York 121
799.00$ CAD   
Cabinet de basse 400 W, 1 x 12"

Now our most popular combo, the Mini CMD 121P, has found its perfect companion! This is our lightest (less than 29 lbs!) and most compact cabinet ever, and serves as a great extension cabinet for our combos: with this cab added, your combo turns into a 500W rig! This is also a small but mighty match for any of our 250-500W heads.

Stacks perfectly under the Mini CMD 121P combo.
Mark Bass  New York 122
1199.00$ CAD   
Cabinet de basse 700 W, 2 x 12"

In 2010 the New York series welcomes the 122, which features two custom 12" neodymium speakers and a special new compression driver and horn. With high output, punchy low-end and incredible definition in the highs and mids, this cab is a great choice for lovers of a full, flat-response tone!
Mark Bass  New York 122 Ninja
1199.00$ CAD   
The NEW YORK 122 NINJA Richard Bona signature cabinet has a very full yet focused sound, with controlled bottom end from the 2x12? Markbass custom speakers and fantastic clarity and detail from the special new 1" voice coil tweeter that delivers smooth and crisp highs that are never harsh or brittle. With its 800W power handling it?s a great single cab choice for medium or large gigs, and its 8 ? allows you to match two of them with our powerful Markbass heads like the new Little Mark Ninja or Bass Multiamp S.
?I searched it, and I found it. It?s my sound and tone?, says Richard, ?In the end It ALL come down to BASS Sound. It?s ALL in Markbass!?

1" voice coil tweeter
Mark Bass  New York 151
1025.00$ CAD   
Cabinet de basse 400 W, 1 x 15"

The latest addition to the New York cabinet series, this little powerhouse is the perfect extension for either the Mini CMD 151P combo, or the CMD 151P Jeff Berlin combo. It's also a great lightweight cabinet option to combine with any 500W Markbass amp.

Stacks perfectly under the Mini CMD 151P and CMD 151P Jeff Berlin combos.
Mark Bass  NEW YORK 151 RJ
1149.00$ CAD   
Signature Randy Jackson 400 W 1 x 15"

Randy Jackson is world famous as a TV celebrity-he's been one of the judges on America's most-watched TV series, American Idol, since the beginning of the show in 2002. What some don't know, however, is that he's an incredibly accomplished bass player. His resume is vastand varied, and boasts such names as Carlos Santana, Jerry Garcia, Jean-Luc Ponty, Journey, Zucchero, Billy Cobham, Keith Richards, Aretha Franklin, Steve Lukather, Madonna, Herbie Hancock and many others. Randy has collaborated with Markbass to create this exceptional 1x15" cabinet.

Like all Markbass cabinets, this model is light and portable and offers rich, clear tone. The sound is deep and warm but has greater clarity and definition than other 15" woofer--and the...
Mark Bass  Standard 102HF
1029.00$ CAD   
Cabinet à évent avant 2 x 10", 8 ohms

The Standard 102HF cabinet is recommended for bass players who need a smaller pro-sounding rig, or for those who like to combine cabinets! For example by adding a 102HF to a Standard 151HF. Using two 102HF cabs together works beautifully with a stereo power amp. Rated at 400 watts RMS, this small cab packs an impressive punch for its size!

This cabinet is available in both 8 ohm (STD102HF-8) and 4 ohm (STD102HF-4) versions.
Mark Bass  Standard 104HF
1469.00$ CAD   
Cabinet à évent avant 4 x 10", 8 ohms

The Standard 104HF is one of our most popular cabinets and, for many players, it sets a new standard for 4x10s. Hear the miracle of neodymium speakers by playing through this cabinet... then FEEL the miracle when you pick it up! The Standard 104HF is a leader in its field due to its sound, power and portability. But you don't have to trust us; let your ears and your lower back be the judge!
Mark Bass  Standard 104HR
1299.00$ CAD   
Cabinet à évent arrière 4 x 10", 4 ohms

The Standard 104HR is an exceptional, professional cabinet that performs well in any club, big or small. It puts out impressive power at 800 watts and weighs only 56 lbs. Working bassists love it for its power, high-quality sound and portability. The 104HR is designed for standalone use or combination with a Standard 151HR or a Standard 102HF.
Mark Bass  Standard 151HR
1099.00$ CAD   
1x15" rear ported cab, 4 ohm

The Standard 151HR 1x15" cab will never leave you lacking in the bottom end department. Many players find that 15" speakers give them a deep, classic sound that suits many musical styles. This cabinet can be used on its own, but combining it with a Traveler 102P or a Standard 104HR makes for one powerful stack!
Mark Bass  Traveler 102P
929.00$ CAD   
Cabinet 400 W, 8 ohms, 2 x 10

The Traveler 102P is one of the smallest and lightest 2x10" cabinets on the market. It can be used in either a vertical or horizontal position. Perfect for club gigs, this cab especially shines when added to a Traveler 151P for a punchy, full-range sound.
Mark Bass  Traveler 121H
849.00$ CAD   
Cabinet 400 W, 8 ohms, 1 x 12"

The Traveler 121H is fantastic for bass players who need a smaller, warm sounding rig. This cab, which won the 2007 "Best Bass Cabinet" MIPA award, is the number one choice for acoustic bass players.
Mark Bass  TRAVELER 123
1279.00$ CAD   
Markbass top-artist and bass legend Alain Caron has partnered with Markbass to develop a cabinet that gives an extremely high-fidelity, real flat-response tone!
The TRAVELER 123 3-ways cab features a new Markbass custom 12" speaker with an astonishing 800W power handling, a special new 5" speaker and a new 1" compression driver, with a punchy bottom-end and incredible definition in the mids and highs!


SPEAKER SIZE: 1x12" + 1x5"

TWEETER: 1" coil compression tweeter






WEIGHT: 46.73 lbs / 21.2 Kg
WIDTH: ...
Mark Bass  Traveler 151P
929.00$ CAD   
Cabinet 400 W, 8 ohms, 1 x 15"

The Traveler 151P is one of the smallest and lightest 1x15" cabinets on the market, putting power and pro sound into a very practical package. This cab is perfect for club gigs, especially in pairs.
1099.00$ CAD   
The new Richard Bona signature TRAVELER 121 NINJA cabinet has been developed alongside the Little Mark Ninja head to bring you Richard?s full sound and tone!

Of course it is suitable for use with any Markbass head regardless of power as the 12? Markbass custom speaker handles an astonish 800W power handling (incredible for a single 12? speaker) delivering full volume in a smaller, warm sounding rig.

The Traveler 121 Ninja accurately reproduces the sound of your instrument without compromise, perfectly aligned with the vision of Richard Bona and Marco De Virgiliis.


SPEAKER SIZE: 1x12 in.


TWEETER: 1" compression driver with custom horn