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Mark Bass  Bass Multiamp Mono
2199.00$ CAD   
mono 500w tête basse avec des effets, des modèles de haut-parleurs

Although the MULTIAMP for guitar has been on the Italian market only a month, as expected, this powerful preamp/effects processor/power amp is quickly coming one of most requested tool for professional guitarists worldwide and more and more bassists asked to have an ALL-IN-ONE solution dedicated to the BASS.

New for 2013 we're proud to introduce the BASS MULTIAMP which offers to the bassists the same advantages, having at disposal an incredible wide range of virtual bass amps, both modern and vintage, speaker cabs and microphones, studio and stompbox effects, and a powerful amp... in a practical rack mountable unit!

The BASS MULTIAMP features an interface very easy to use as for the guitar v...
2399.00$ CAD   
mono 250W x 250W tête basse avec des effets, des modèles de haut-parleurs

New for 2013 we're proud to introduce also the BASS MULTIAMP S, dedicated to the bassists that like to play in stereo mode, as example our top artists Jeff Berlin, Alain Caron, Richard Bona, Michael Manring...

The BASS MULTIAMP S can be used for stereo applications with 500W@4ohm of power for each channel (2x300W@8ohm) with bi-amp option or in bridge mode with an impressive power of 1000W@8ohm!

A massive amount of warm power that will allow any bass player in any band to hold their own, no matter how big the stage or how loud the band!

As for the mono version bassist will have at disposal an incredible wide range of virtual bass amps, both modern and vintage, speaker c...
Mark Bass  BIG-BANG
1099.00$ CAD   
Tête d'ampli de basse numérique 500 W @ 4 ohms

Just over a decade ago, Marco De Virgiliis started pioneering small, lightweight amps; the Markbass Little Mark heads started a new era in bass amplification, inspiring many other companies to follow their lead.

Now, you'll be amazed that such a warm, rich and "explosive" sound comes from an amp smaller than our groundbreaking Little Mark heads! And-despite its small size-the Big Bang is packed with extra features that customers have been asking for: aux in, headphone output with level control, plus mute and VLE and VPF filters with footswitch control. Other features, already appreciated by Little Mark users, include a simple and effective 4-band EQ, effects loop, and level control and pre/post EQ switch for the XLR DI outpu...
Mark Bass  CMD 121H
1449.00$ CAD   
Combiné 400 W, 1 x 12" et pavillon

A more "hi-fi" alternative to the Mini CMD 121P, thanks to its larger size and 1" compression driver and custom horn. Easily upgrades to a 500W rig with the addition of a New York 121 or Traveler 121H cabinet. Designed for bass players who need power, portability and top performance!
Mark Bass  CMD 151P Jeff Berlin
1599.00$ CAD   
Combiné Jeff Berlin 500 W, 1 x HP 15"

Markbass artist Jeff Berlin has finally found the tone he's been searching for. And although we can't guarantee that Jeff's Signature Combo will make you sound like him, it will definitely make you sound more like you!

Jeff Berlin's signature combo has top-quality 15" tone and no tweeter. Easily upgrades to a 500W rig with the addition of a New York 151 cabinet.

"I was offered an endorsement with every amp company there is at some time or other. But as a bass player I only function at the level of tone, which was something that I personally couldn't find in any amp for many years. Everyone builds great equipment, but, without that one all-important addition (in my opinon) which is great tone.

Markbass sen...
Mark Bass  CMD102P
1699.00$ CAD   
The CMD 102P combo just might be our most versatile combo! It's perfect for any situation. The angled cabinet design allows the unit to be used either as a floor monitor or in standard vertical position. The built-in VLE and VPF filters help create a warm and natural sound, as they do in all Markbass heads. If you add an external cabinet to the 102 combo, you can fill a large venue with headroom to spare.

This front-ported 2x10 combo is an aggressive option that can often be used for gigs on its own, but also stacks with any 8 ohm Traveler or Standard cab.

Markbass amps/combos are manufactured to be sold and used in the country of purchase, and they are factory preset to that country's voltage.
Due to homologation issues, the voltage may not be changed.
Mark Bass  COMBO1021-LITE
1729.00$ CAD   
This innovative signature combo, designed with bass legend Alain Caron, uses state-of-the-art technology for maximum power and fidelity. Features includes a mute switch, aux in, headphone out, pre/post EQ and pre/post master switches for the XLR DI out, and footswitch input for mute and FX loop bypass. Top-quality sound, incredible power and practical features, all in a highly-portable unit!
Mark Bass  Compressore
299.00$ CAD   
Compresseur pour basse

COMPRESSORE is a state-of-the-art compression tool that allows you to control gain, threshold, ratio, attack and release. The pedal also true bypass, which means that when the compressor is 'off', your signal goes directly from the input jack to the output jack without any degradation of audio quality.
Mark Bass  EVO1
Nouveauté 1199.00$ CAD   
The Markbass EVO1 head is the result of the mix between classic and advanced technology evolution to allow bassists to have not only just a 'gorgeous' bass sound, but always the 'right' sound... no matter which genres and techniques you're playing!!! It offers six AMPS tone choices for each of the two channels, clean and distorted.

Bass players have always been inspired by the possibility to mix two amplifiers tones and to blend clean and distorted sounds as Jaco Pastorius did back in the years. With the Markbass EVO 1 that's possible, opening many more sound options experimenting two amps playing simultaneously.

Both channels feature classic standard amp controls interface and one effect each (you can update AMPs and effects picking and downloading your favorite ones fro...
Mark Bass  Little Mark 250 Black Line
489.00$ CAD   
Tête d'ampli de basse 250 W @ 4 ohms

The Black Line version of Little Mark 250 offers the same features as the standard Little Mark 250. The Black Line products are made using the same cutting-edge technology, high-quality components and the same quality control standards that apply to all of our products.The Little Mark 250 Black Line is a smart, inexpensive choice for those who don't need the full power of a 500W head. It's great for practicing, rehearsing, and small gigs.
Mark Bass  Little Mark 800
1099.00$ CAD   
Tête d'ampli de basse 800 W avec entrée directe intégrée

The Little Mark 800 is basically a Little Mark III with an 800W digital power amp. This high-power head is created for those who need simple, intuitive and effective controls but also like to have a large supply of power and serious headroom. A great choice for big-stage applications, and for louder bands. Its sound is exceptionally warm and clear, both at low and high volumes. The ultra-fast response of the digital power amp allows the best reproduction of every minute detail in your playing. The new DI output features a pre-post EQ switch and output level control, so you can optimize the signal you send to the mixer or recording unit.
Mark Bass  Little Mark III
899.00$ CAD   
Tête d'ampli de basse 500 W avec entrée directe intégrée

The incredible international success of the Little Mark II has inspired this new, updated and upgraded version! The new DI output features a pre-post EQ switch and output level control, so you can optimize the signal you send to the mixer or recording unit. All this with the same compact size and weight of its famous predecessor!
Mark Bass  Little Mark Ninja
1299.00$ CAD   
Both Richard Bona and Marco De Virgiliis do not accept any compromise? the LITTLE MARK NINJA Richard Bona signature first and foremost respects the priority of tone that have driven the international success of our Little Mark heads, upgraded with our new astounding 1000W power amp. It gives a massive amount of power, exceptionally clear and dynamic, and performs flawlessly thanks to the cutting-edge Mark Proprietary Technology (MPT).

Markbass products are known for their clarity and loyalty to the source of sound. People often use words like warm, punchy, clear, honest, accurate- even aggressive to describe Markbass. They also say that Markbass amps allow them to sound like themselves!
About all the bass amps on the market use the same power amp from different manufacturer...
Mark Bass  Little Mark Tube
1099.00$ CAD   
Tête d'ampli de basse 500 W avec lampes et entrée directe intégrée

The Little Mark Tube gives the warmth and richness of a tube preamp, or the clean attack of a solid state preamp. or a mix of both! On the front panel there are also two inputs with separate gain controls: one 1/4" jack, and one combo jack that accepts either a XLR or 1/4" cable. Additional features include switchable 48V phantom power for the XLR input, solid-state/tube mix control, four bands of equalization, VLE and VPF filters, line out level control, pre-post EQ switch for the XLR out (on rear panel), and mute control (push-pull on the master knob).
Mark Bass  Little Mark Tube 800
1199.00$ CAD   
Tête d'ampli de basse 800 W avec lampes et entrée directe intégrée

The Little Mark Tube solves the "tube or solid state" dilemma. The Little Mark Tube 800 goes a step further by also addressing that other perennial concern, "Will I have enough power?" The 800 watts from this powerful amp will satisfy any thirst for power, and the two blendable preamps give you the warmth and richness of a tube preamp, the clean attack of a solid state preamp. or a mix of both!
Mark Bass  Micromark 801
739.00$ CAD   
Micro combiné 50 w, 1 x HP 8"

The Micromark now has a big brother-one who is still small enough to deliver the Markbass sound anywhere, but big enough to provide a fuller sound with plenty of bottom end! The Micromark 801 features a single yellow 8" Markbass custom speaker. The original (6") Micromark has been astounding people since its first introduction a few years ago. But this new version is even more sonically impressive!
Mark Bass  Mini CMD 151P
1699.00$ CAD   
Combiné 400 W, 1 x 15", tweeter pièzo

Fifteen-inch speakers used to sound big and dumb, lacking definition... But our 15s custom-made speakers, will change the way you think about speaker sizes!

The practical solution for those who like the sound of 15" speakers. Easily upgrades to a 500W rig with the addition of a New York 151 cabinet.

Markbass amps/combos are manufactured to be sold and used in the country of purchase, and they are factory preset to that country's voltage.
Due to homologation issues, the voltage may not be changed.
Mark Bass  Mini-CMD121P
1339.00$ CAD   
Our flagship combo has changed the bass amp market forever. Never have bassists been able to get such great tone and volume from such a light and portable amp. Easily upgrades to a 500W rig with the addition of a New York 121 cabinet.

Markbass amps/combos are manufactured to be sold and used in the country of purchase, and they are factory preset to that country's voltage.
Due to homologation issues, the voltage may not be changed.
Mark Bass  Minimark 802
1325.00$ CAD   
Combiné 250 W, 2 x 8", tweeter piézo

The Minimark has been astounding people since its first introduction at NAMM some years ago. The Minimark 802 is even more sonically impressive, with an incredible warm and focused sound thanks to the two 8" custom woofers and an onboard piezo tweeter.
The Minimark 802 is a brilliant choice for rehearsing, practicing, teaching and recording and it can be used also on gigs, of course! It is also ideal for double bass and acoustic bass, with a faithfully reproduction of acoustic instruments.
Mark Bass  NANO-MARK-300
649.00$ CAD   
The NANO MARK 300 once again raises the bar for bass amp heads. Our smallest amp is not a toy?it gives you the Markbass tone in the most portable package possible easy to transport everywhere, featuring simple and effective controls and yet it gives you all the volume you need for most gigs.
It's a professional-grade amplifier you need to hear to believe such powerful sound can be delivered by such a small and lightweight package!
In fact, our lightest and smallest head only weights 3.20 lbs / 1.45 kg and has an unbelievable power-to-weight ratio, with its 300W of power in a very small and ultra-lightweight package.
Many competitors was inspired by Markbass amps manufacturing small amps too but in our case small doesn't mean "poor performance", on the contrary with the Nano Ma...
Mark Bass  New York 121
799.00$ CAD   
Cabinet de basse 400 W, 1 x 12"

Now our most popular combo, the Mini CMD 121P, has found its perfect companion! This is our lightest (less than 29 lbs!) and most compact cabinet ever, and serves as a great extension cabinet for our combos: with this cab added, your combo turns into a 500W rig! This is also a small but mighty match for any of our 250-500W heads.

Stacks perfectly under the Mini CMD 121P combo.
Mark Bass  New York 122
1199.00$ CAD   
Cabinet de basse 700 W, 2 x 12"

In 2010 the New York series welcomes the 122, which features two custom 12" neodymium speakers and a special new compression driver and horn. With high output, punchy low-end and incredible definition in the highs and mids, this cab is a great choice for lovers of a full, flat-response tone!
Mark Bass  New York 122 Ninja
1199.00$ CAD   
The NEW YORK 122 NINJA Richard Bona signature cabinet has a very full yet focused sound, with controlled bottom end from the 2x12? Markbass custom speakers and fantastic clarity and detail from the special new 1" voice coil tweeter that delivers smooth and crisp highs that are never harsh or brittle. With its 800W power handling it?s a great single cab choice for medium or large gigs, and its 8 ? allows you to match two of them with our powerful Markbass heads like the new Little Mark Ninja or Bass Multiamp S.
?I searched it, and I found it. It?s my sound and tone?, says Richard, ?In the end It ALL come down to BASS Sound. It?s ALL in Markbass!?

1" voice coil tweeter
Mark Bass  New York 151
1025.00$ CAD   
Cabinet de basse 400 W, 1 x 15"

The latest addition to the New York cabinet series, this little powerhouse is the perfect extension for either the Mini CMD 151P combo, or the CMD 151P Jeff Berlin combo. It's also a great lightweight cabinet option to combine with any 500W Markbass amp.

Stacks perfectly under the Mini CMD 151P and CMD 151P Jeff Berlin combos.
Mark Bass  NEW YORK 151 RJ
1149.00$ CAD   
Signature Randy Jackson 400 W 1 x 15"

Randy Jackson is world famous as a TV celebrity-he's been one of the judges on America's most-watched TV series, American Idol, since the beginning of the show in 2002. What some don't know, however, is that he's an incredibly accomplished bass player. His resume is vastand varied, and boasts such names as Carlos Santana, Jerry Garcia, Jean-Luc Ponty, Journey, Zucchero, Billy Cobham, Keith Richards, Aretha Franklin, Steve Lukather, Madonna, Herbie Hancock and many others. Randy has collaborated with Markbass to create this exceptional 1x15" cabinet.

Like all Markbass cabinets, this model is light and portable and offers rich, clear tone. The sound is deep and warm but has greater clarity and definition than other 15" woofer--and the...
Mark Bass  Standard 102HF
1029.00$ CAD   
Cabinet à évent avant 2 x 10", 8 ohms

The Standard 102HF cabinet is recommended for bass players who need a smaller pro-sounding rig, or for those who like to combine cabinets! For example by adding a 102HF to a Standard 151HF. Using two 102HF cabs together works beautifully with a stereo power amp. Rated at 400 watts RMS, this small cab packs an impressive punch for its size!

This cabinet is available in both 8 ohm (STD102HF-8) and 4 ohm (STD102HF-4) versions.
Mark Bass  Standard 104HF
1469.00$ CAD   
Cabinet à évent avant 4 x 10", 8 ohms

The Standard 104HF is one of our most popular cabinets and, for many players, it sets a new standard for 4x10s. Hear the miracle of neodymium speakers by playing through this cabinet... then FEEL the miracle when you pick it up! The Standard 104HF is a leader in its field due to its sound, power and portability. But you don't have to trust us; let your ears and your lower back be the judge!
Mark Bass  Standard 104HR
1299.00$ CAD   
Cabinet à évent arrière 4 x 10", 4 ohms

The Standard 104HR is an exceptional, professional cabinet that performs well in any club, big or small. It puts out impressive power at 800 watts and weighs only 56 lbs. Working bassists love it for its power, high-quality sound and portability. The 104HR is designed for standalone use or combination with a Standard 151HR or a Standard 102HF.
Mark Bass  Standard 151HR
1099.00$ CAD   
1x15" rear ported cab, 4 ohm

The Standard 151HR 1x15" cab will never leave you lacking in the bottom end department. Many players find that 15" speakers give them a deep, classic sound that suits many musical styles. This cabinet can be used on its own, but combining it with a Traveler 102P or a Standard 104HR makes for one powerful stack!
Mark Bass  Super Synth
449.00$ CAD   
Pédale synthétiseur pour basse

The SUPER SYNTH turns your bass into a synthesizer-with seriously cool sounds and no tracking delay! It also doubles as a digital octaver, with both octave up and octave down layers. The parameters of the pedal's presets can be modified using the Markbass Pedal Controller software. Simply install the software, connect the pedal to your computer using a USB cable, modify the presets as desired, and then load them back onto the pedal. Like all our pedals, this unit features true bypass.

Download software from this page (see "DOWNLOADS" below) to customize the sounds on your pedal.
The software is free and available for Mac and PC.
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