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Swart amplifiers co.  AST Head MKII
2843.77$ CAD   
Arguably one of the best combos ever made, the Atomic Space Tone returns in Head Form, now with Michael's fully bypassable Master Volume with its own dedicated tube stage . Runs 6V6 & 6L6

The introduction of the Swart Atomic Space Tone (AST) was a smashing success, earning raves across the board, whether in studios, clubs, or living rooms. Everyone loved this 12" all-tube combo, with its multi-dimensional tone, excellent break-up, and soulful tube reverb and tremolo. Many were claimng the AST achieved a rare benchmark in category without peer, some saying it might be the best amplifier they've ever played. Those are strong words considering the myriad of boutique and vintage offerings.

Soon after introduction, Michael took the AST and literally placed the combo circu...
Swart amplifiers co.  SST-30 Head
3583.47$ CAD   
I hate to say it . . . The SST-30 might just be the best yet " - Michael Swart

This will simply knock you out. At least, that's our take. You loved the Atomic and ST-6V6se? You'll be blown away all over again by this head & cabinet, now available for order.

SUPER 30 Head & Cabinet Highlights.

. All Tube ~ No Solid State ~ Trem/Verb Valves!
. Powered by FOUR 6V6 Valves (Twin EL-34 Sub)
. 3 12AX7 & 1 12DW7 for Pre/Trem/R'Verb
. GZ-34 Tube Rectification ~ NO SS! Smoooth!
. Cathode Biased
. Master Volume Control ~ Standby Switch
. High / Low Inputs
. Foot Switch Operation
. 30~35w depending on valves (it cranks!)
. Cabinet 2 12" Celestion G12M (open back cab)
. ALL TWEED with hand rubbed Lacquer Finish
. Head: 1...
Swart amplifiers co.  ST-Stereo Head
2843.77$ CAD   
You have to HEAR it to believe it
To sum it up, it's a stereo 5 watt amp design with ridiculously lush reverb on one channel, and his truly impeccable tremolo on the other.

Now, before we go any further, I want to address my previous words, "ridiculously lush" and "truly impeccable". You see this type of marketing hype everywhere, even on $29 Chinese built effects pedals. When we say these words, we *really* mean it. Please find a Swart amp somewhere (we prefer you come see us)and see for yourself. Anyway...

The circuit is very similar to the STR-Tremolo, with the reverb being only on one channel, and the tremolo is only on the other. This creates a greater separation to the ear. Michael Swart decided to package this amp with a unique 2x12 cab the speaker b...