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Swart amplifiers co.  Atomic Boost
249.12$ CAD   
60s Treble Booster
Anyone that knows pedals knows the Dallas Rangermaster and the history behind it. Michael took one of the all time favorite gain boosters with that legendary tone and distortion and made it even more reliable and less prone to RF Bleed while still employing the much sought after vintage NOS Mullard OC44 Transistor, the key device to retaining this tone with boost.

.Vintage NOS Mullard OC44 "glass" Transistor hand selected and gain tested

.All Point to Point Wiring
- No Circuit Boards

.Toggle between Mid or full boost, optional high boost with the sacrifice of mid or full boost

.Full bypass switching

. Blue Power LED

.Dedicated 9v battery operation for cleanest power and lowes...
Swart amplifiers co.  FuzzyBoost
282.61$ CAD   
The Swart FuzzyBoost is a hand-wired, point-to-point sonic blast to the past with some extra credit, Swart Magic thrown into the mix. This is no mass market, overseas circuit board, costs us nothing~you something, cloner pop.

Fuzzy boost allows you to slide anywhere from slight boost to over the top fuzz at any volume level.
.Pre Volume Volume before it hits the circuit
allows you to clean up or drive more intense Fuzz. This is a GREAT feature that you'll soon come to love.

.Dirt Your main GAIN level for Fuzzoid Blast

.Post Volume So you can get the distortion at
any volume level from whisper to Blow Neighbor's
Septic Brain.

And just as in the Atomic Boost, Swart FuzzyBoost features hand-picked Germanium Transistors.