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Cartec Audio LTD  EQP-1A
App 514-721-1518   

- Hand-wired, high quality construction with shortest signal paths
- Uncompromised original circuit, with full transformer complement
- All valve gain stages and power supply rectifier
- Selected for <1% tolerance potentiometers and components for matched pairs
- Dramatic tone shaping capabilities.
The Cartec EQP-1A is a hand wired valve equaliser, recreating the distinctive sound and features of the classic Pultec EQP-1A.
Each unit is assembled by hand in England using selected high quality, low tolerance components and carries a 3 year warranty. Matched pairs are shipped as standard. Download the Manual (PDF) for full technical specifications. Audio comparisons are available as downloadable 48k DAW sessions for you to evaluate in a familiar studio envi...
Cartec Audio LTD  EQ-PRE-2A
App 514-721-1518   
Dual channel solid state pre-amp/Pultec style EQ
Cartec Audio LTD  FE-Q5
App 514-721-1518   
. Custom wound input and output transformers, plus two multi-tap inductors and two Op-amps
. Uses the same input transformer as our EQP-1A equalizer
. All discrete Op-amp design
. High quality rotary switches used for gain controls, for accurate recall and fine control
. Sallen-Key 12dB/octave high pass filter independent of equaliser with its own discrete op-amp
. Passive LCR filter design for minimal phase distortion
. Compatible with all 500 series racks

The CARTEC Fe-Q5 is a high quality inductor based equaliser for the API 500 series format that incorporates a discrete amplifier stages, a 12dB/octave high pass filter, and both inout and output transformers.
Cartec Audio LTD  Pre-Q5
App 514-721-1518   
. 10 to 65 dB stepped gain ( line pad -25 dB )
. Mic or line level input, and switched bridged-T output attentuator
. Custom wound inductor and input/output transformers
. Pultec type low frequency boost @ 100, 60, or 30 hz
. Inductor high frequency boost @ 16, 12, or 8 Khz
. Twin gain stage design, including the passive Pultec filter circuit
. Relay switching, two discrete op-amps

The CARTEC PRE-Q5 is a high quality transformer based microphone preamp for the API 500 series format that incorporates a passive inductor equalizer, and a balanced output attenuator. The filter circuit is identical to our EQP-1A, but with the extra gain stage and transformers required to create a high performance preamplifier. The output tra...