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XLN Audio  Addictive Drums 2: Artist Bundle&...
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Pick any 2 ADpaks, 2 MIDIpaks, 2 Kitpiece Paks

Maybe you're a singer-songwriter. Or a jazz pianist. Or a speed-metal guitarist. You just need a couple of outstanding kits to make your music shine. We hear you. That's why we created the Artist Bundle. It gives you just what you need to get extraordinary drums in your music right now while leaving the door open for future expansion.
XLN Audio  Addictive Drums 2: Black Oyster&n...
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With a carefully recorded Ludwig Black Oyster drum kit, you will have everything you need to get that early 60s sound made famous by Ringo and the Beatles. 30 production-ready presets provide instant access to vintage and modern production techniques.
XLN Audio  Addictive Drums 2: Black Velvet&n...
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Black Velvet includes presets covering the cleanest alternative rock to grittiest grunge. All done with slick, expensive and larger-than-life grandness. If epic sounds are what you're after, Black Velvet has you covered!
XLN Audio  Addictive Drums 2: Blue Oyster&nb...
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To get those glorious Led Zeppelin and John Bonham-inspired drum sounds, we went straight to the source: The Ludwig Blue Oyster kit. Our Blue Oyster kit includes production-ready presets that provide instant access to vintage and modern production techniques.
XLN Audio  Addictive Drums 2: Fairfax Vol. 1...
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When the decision was made to record the ultimate modern rock drums, one studio immediately came to mind: Fairfax Recordings. This Los Angeles studio (formerly known as Sound City) has been the birthplace of so many landmark albums, the discography reads like a "Greatest Hits of Rock!" The fully restored studio is now privately held and cannot be rented by the public, but with this ADpak you can access its incredible drum sounds.
XLN Audio  Addictive Drums 2: Funk &nbs...
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Our Funk ADpak is based on a masterpiece: the Pearl Reference drum kit. We recorded it with absolute fidelity in a top studio and had top sound engineers craft the funkiest presets you've ever heard. Craft your own sounds or use any of the 30+ production-ready presets to get to work instantly.
XLN Audio  Addictive Drums 2: Indie &nb...
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2" Analog Tape. It's ancient, it's hard to work with, and it's extremely expensive. So why do great engineers still prefer to use it when budgets permit? Check out the Indie kit and you'll understand the warm, sublime sound of an outstanding kit through vintage mics on analog tape.
XLN Audio  Addictive Drums 2: Metal &nb...
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Ross Robinson is a metal legend. Having discovered bands like Korn and Slipknot as well as produced seminal albums for bands including Sepultura, his place in the pantheon of metal is unquestioned. XLN Audio is honored to have Robinson producing this ADpak.
XLN Audio  Addictive Drums 2: Modern Jazz Br...
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With brushes it's all about the nuances and accents. Our RealSweep system lets you make realistic sweeps complete with accent strokes and lifelike stops resulting in the most irresistible grooves! Production-ready presets give you instant access to great sounds.
XLN Audio  Addictive Drums 2: Modern Jazz St...
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Modern jazz has a certain sound that is just not possible to attain with typical rock/pop/funk kits. Jazz needs tight, balanced drums that are tuned up slightly to sound right. This kit delivers the perfect jazz sound and its great presets let you get to work instantly.
XLN Audio  Addictive Drums 2: Producer Bundl...
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Pick any 3 ADpaks, 3 MIDIpaks, 3 Kitpiece Paks

Most of the music makers we meet enjoy working on more than one style of music. Maybe you like rock and electronic music. Or funk and metal. Or pop and jazz. Everyones' needs might be different, but everyone needs outstanding drums. That's why we created the Producer Bundle. It lets you pick any 3 ADpaks, any 3 MIDIpaks, and any 3 Kitpiece Paks so you have a unique palette of sounds that is exactly right for you. So you'll be ready no matter where your inspiration takes you.
XLN Audio  Addictive Drums 2: Reel Machines&...
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Reel Machines is a collection of four mint-condition drum machines and a Simmons electronic drum kit from the eighties. All instruments were recorded on analog tape using some of the finest recording gear in the world. Each kit also includes actual plate reverb and real room ambience you can blend in for maximum sonic possibilities.
XLN Audio  Addictive Drums 2: Retroplex ...
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The Retroplex kit captures the bold, outrageous drum sounds of legendary glam rock artists like David Bowie and Lou Reed in painstaking detail. Production-ready presets provide instant access to both vintage and modern production techniques.
XLN Audio  Addictive Drums 2: Session Percus...
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Session Percussion is a suite of exotic percussion instruments. All pieces have been specifically selected and set up to work like a regular kit within Addictive Drums 2, allowing you to play the Session Percussion just like a standard drum kit. Use as-is or combine with other ADpaks for expanded sonic horizons.
XLN Audio  Addictive Drums 2: Solo Bundle&nb...
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All of our ADpaks have corresponding MIDIpaks and/or Kitpiece Paks that really help the ADpak shine! Our Solo Bundle lets you pick any ADpak, any MIDIpak, and any Kitpiece Pak of your choice all at a nice price. So you'll have tons of inspiring new sounds and rhythms for your next masterpiece.
XLN Audio  Addictive Drums 2: Studio Pop&nbs...
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This kit has been used on so many hit pop and rock singles, we've lost count! In fact, if you listen to popular music, chances are you've heard it too. Studio Pop is one of the original Addictive Drums kits and still turns heads with its punchy sound and distinctive snare.
XLN Audio  Addictive Drums 2: Studio Prog&nb...
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If you're working on progressive rock or other experimental music with complex rhythms and intricate playing, the Studio Prog kit is for you. This balanced kit has a detailed sound that shows off your smallest nuances while still retaining the punch and power of a real rock kit.
XLN Audio  Addictive Drums 2: Studio Rock&nb...
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Inspiration does not wait.

Studio Rock is one of the original Addictive Drums kits and has been heard on so many modern rock records, we stopped counting! In Addictive Drums 2, you have access to the same great sounds as well as a ton of new features to take things to the next level!
XLN Audio  Addictive Drums 2: Vintage Dry&nb...
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The 1970s were a golden era for rock, disco, funk and just about any style that relied on a solid backbeat. The drums were dry, fat and crisp-and it was good! Today, there is a revival of that 70s sound by chart-topping artists like Daft Punk, Miike Snow and Justice. With Vintage Dry, you too can have those glorious drum sounds!
XLN Audio  Addictive Drums 2: XXL Studio Bun...
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Pick any 6 ADpaks, 6 MIDIpaks, 6 Kitpiece Paks

We know life can be very hectic for professional composers, producers, and studio owners. You might be working on a rock anthem in the morning, a pop hit around noon, and techno remix in the evening. Exciting projects with short deadlines suddenly appear out of nowhere, so it's important that you're never short on inspiring drum sounds. That's why we created the XXL Studio Bundle. It lets you pick any 6 ADpaks, any 6 MIDIpaks, and any 6 Kitpiece Paks so you're ready to tackle any musical challenge that comes your way.
XLN Audio  Addictive Keys: Electric Grand&nb...
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Acoustic. Electric. Inspired.

This unique instrument combines three distinct characters (acoustic hammers, direct line output, and amplified output) captured in seven different ways. When combined with the powerful Addictive Keys engine, Electric Grand becomes an extraordinarily inspiring instrument that is suitable for anything from indie rock and pop to house to R'n'B ballads.
XLN Audio  Addictive Keys: Mark One &nb...
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Our Mark One Instrument is based on a Fender Rhodes Mk. 1 electric piano. This king of electric pianos is played through a vintage tube combo amp and captured by rare vintage mics for a sublime sound. The tone can go from a smooth enthralling caress to a searing, crunchy sound that cuts through the densest mix.
XLN Audio  Addictive Keys: Modern Upright&nb...
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The Modern Upright is based on a Yamaha U3 upright piano - regarded by many pianists as a modern classic. It has a tight and defined tone with an airy ambience that makes it fit nicely into almost any production. Included presets cover everything ranging from smooth jazz with a mellow, warm tone to bright pop with an upfront sound.
XLN Audio  Addictive Keys: Studio Grand ...
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The Studio Grand features a classic Steinway Model D concert grand piano. The first choice of many pianists, Steinways are famous for their character and unrivaled sound. The included ExploreMaps offer presets in a variety of styles ranging from open and natural to processed and strange. The variety of sounds makes Studio Grand perfect for both production and stage duties.