Aphex PROJECT-500

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.Full channel strip in a 500 Series module
.Class A mic preamp
.Optical compressor
.Dual-band semi-parametric EQ

The Project 500 is a full channel strip in a single 500 Series module. It features a Class A preamp, an optical compressor, a 2-band, overlapping EQ and a Jensen JT-11DL nickel output-balancing transformer. The Class A preamp and the optical compressor are taken directly from the TEC and PAR Award nominated Aphex Project Channel. The EQ section is inspired by our popular EQF 500 module.
Project 500's Class A microphone preamp provides up to 65dB of gain. The 3-color Signal LED shows the amount of input signal. This LED lights green for signal detected, yellow for a strong signal and red for overload. Lighted buttons are provided for phase reverse, 75Hz High Pass Filter and 48V phantom power.

The optical compressor uses a proprietary optical element designed to be as fast as possible. A ratio knob is provided to control the amount of gain reduction, which can be adjusted from 2:1 up to 6:1. The compressor can also be turned on/off with the lighted Comp button. A gain reduction LED labeled GR will glow yellow when gain reduction is taking place - the more gain reduction, the brighter the LED will glow. The compressor can be placed before or after the EQ with the lighted Post button at the bottom left of the module.

Aphex's Project 500 has two bands of semi-parametric EQ. The Lo Freq can be adjusted between 20Hz and 2kHz, while the Hi Freq can be adjusted between 200Hz and 20kHz. Both bands can be boosted or cut by up to 15dB. Both bands have a non-adjustable, medium bandwidth.

A ¼", 10Mohm instrument input is provided on the front panel, allowing the Project 500 to be used with guitars, basses and other high impedance instruments. This input overrides the module's receiving frame XLR input, allowing the user to keep XLR cables inserted. Finally, the Output knob controls the overall output level of the module.