Radial Engineering Komit (R700-0150)

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The KomitT Compressor has grown up and is ready for launch! After purchasing the design in 2009, Radial
Engineering has taken this limited release boutique unit to the next level and is confident that it will impress and
become a 'must have' component for the more avant-garde recording engineer.
Radial president Peter Janis: "Following consultation with original KomitT users and naysayers alike, we came
to the conclusion that the KomitT was a 'love it or hate it' type of device. Many love the bold character that the
KomitT brings to dynamic control, while others felt it was simply in another galaxy and too weird. After much
deliberation we have opted to make some improvements for greater functionality while retaining the original
spirit of the design. First, the VU meter was not very functional. This was replaced by a dual-ballistic LED bargraph
meter that displays both compression and gain. Then, the 12 position diode bridge limiter that introduced
the Komit's overdrive type limiting circuit was recalibrated to deliver smoother, more graduated control over the
signal path. This will please the traditionalist who may have felt the Komit T to be too radical. We also traded
one of the 12 steps and replaced it with a brick-wall setting for 'set and forget' digital recording."