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K&M  18950
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Sehr stabile und variable Stahlrohrkonstruktion für Keyboards, bis 80 kg belastbar. Die Standbeine sind einzeln höhenverstellbar und haben zusätzliche Bodenausgleichsschrauben. Ausbaufähig für 2. Keyboard. Mit Mikrofonarm, Notenhalter und Kopfhörer­halter bestückbar.
Load capacity up to 80 kg. Wt: 10.0 kg, H: 650/890 mm, W: 650/1030 mm, D: 395 mm.
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The industry standard for a mic stand and boom arm combination. Package consists of the 201A/2 microphone stand and the 211 boom arm. Folding base for ease of transport. Long legs for added stability. The 210/2 - a classic for 30 years. More than 2 million sold.
Wt: 3.2 kg, H: 900/1605 mm, BL: 840 mm.
K&M  210/6 Support de micro
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Modern update of the classic 210/2. Zinc die-cast base with long folding legs. Special height-adjustment mechanism.
Wt: 3.0 kg, H: 925/1630 mm, BL: 805 mm
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Consists of tubing assembly and extendable boom arm. Zinc die-cast base with long folding legs. Square swivel joint with large wing nut.
Wt: 3.0 kg, H: 925/1630 mm, BL: 425/725 mm.
K&M  21411
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Extremely sturdy overhead mic stand for studio and broadcast applications. Extendible up to 2 m. Locking height-adjustment mechanism for added safety. 1/2" thread for use with 21231 boom arm. Collapsible design for easy transport and storage.
K&M  21435
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SPEAKER STANDThe standard speaker stand constructed from steel tubing has been significantly improved. The new legs with a tubing diameter of 35 mm and the large, fixed foot end caps guarantee stability and safety.
K&M  236
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Connects to top of mic stands for holding 4 microphones or boom arms. 3/8" locking screws.
Wt: 0.3 kg, L: 365 mm.
K&M  23850
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Easy running microphone desk arm with 3/8" or 5/8" thread for studios and multi-media workstations; black powder-coated. Easy to handle. The microphone arm keeps the position which you select. The included screw-on clamp (adjust-able up to 55 mm) or the additional available table flange offer a multi-purpose use. Max. load capacity 0.8 kg. 5 m microphone cable (3-pole XLR connection) is included.
Arm lengths: 460 mm + 500 mm.
K&M  23855
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TABLE FLANGE for 23850
K&M  259
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K&M  259/1 Support de micro
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Trépied de microphone surbaissé et perche
téléscopique à 2 sections.