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Focusrite  Clarett Octopre
959.00$ CAD   
8-channel 24-bit/192kHz A-D and D-A with eight Microphone Preamplifiers and eight analogue line outputs ?

8 In. 8 Out. Over ADAT.
Whatever you record, however you work, there will come the day that you need more inputs. Clarett OctoPre gives you eight - and eight outputs too - that you can use to extend the capabilities of your Clarett Thunderbolt audio interface - or any other interface fitted with ADAT optical inputs and outputs.

Eight Clarett Mic Pres with extra ?Air?
The mic pres have been designed specifically for the Clarett range, with plenty of gain, yet low noise and distortion - and great sound quality. They include a special ?Air? feature that switches in an analogue model of the classic transformer-based Focusrite ISA mic pre, switching the impedance o...
3499.00$ CAD   
Combining the best of yesterday with the best of tomorrow, Focusrite's ISA828 eight channel pre-amplifier features the same classic microphone pre-amplifier design as Focusrite's critically acclaimed Forte console. To partner seamlessly with Pro Tools HD and other professional DAW platforms, an eight-channel A/D converter option is available, outperforming every other A/D converter on the market. Modern DAW connectivity is assured thanks to convenient 25-pin D-type connectors. This combination of features ensures that, the ISA828 sets a new standard for professional multi-channel preamplification and A/D conversion.

Eight original ISA series transformer-based pre amps - In a single robust 2U chassis, offering the classic Focusrite pre at its lowest cost-per-channel to date . New O...
Focusrite  Rednet MP8R
3999.00$ CAD   
8-channel remote controlled mic pre and A/D . Redundant Ethernet networking and power supply redundancy . Compact 1U form factor . Dual input impedance . Local or remote control of mic pre parameters via
RedNet Control, Pro Tools and MIDI . Best-in-class Focusrite A/D conversion up to 192kHz . Comprehensive indicators including OLED gain and system info display . Dual outputs for each preamp; direct and automatic
level-compensated . OCA Control compatible - available in future firmware update.

.Compact 1U form factor
.Redundant Ethernet networking and power supply redundancy
.Ethercon connectors
.Dual input impedance
.Local or remote control of mic pre parameters via RedNet Control, Pro Tools and MIDI
.Best-in-class Focusrite A/D conversion up to 192kHz...
Focusrite  Scarlett Octopre
549.00$ CAD   
8-channel mic preamp with ADAT connectivity

Eight Scarlett 2nd Generation mic preamps
Scarlett OctoPre features eight 2nd Generation Scarlett mic inputs - balanced line inputs too - all running through Focusrite precision 24-bit conversion at up to 192 kHz resolution with 109dB dynamic range.

Dual front-panel instrument inputs
Two high-headroom instrument inputs will handle high output guitar pickups and are right there on the front panel for easy access.

Plenty of headroom.
Pads for the most extreme inputs
With high-headroom inputs and a pad on every channel, Scarlett OctoPre is ideal for tracking drums as well guitars, keyboards, vocals - and more.

Outputs for live or stand-alone use
Eight balanced line outputs, sourced directly fro...
Focusrite  Scarlett Octopre Dynamic
799.00$ CAD   
8 channel mic pre with A-D/D-A conversion & analogue compression

Eight Scarlett mic pres
Building on the features of the Scarlett OctoPre, Scarlett OctoPre Dynamic brings you the ultimate Scarlett expansion with eight Scarlett 2nd Generation mic preamps with analogue compression on every input channel providing a musical, soft-knee style of compression for more subtle control of dynamics. The "More" button then allows you to double the ratio for more aggressive compression effects.

Focusrite precision A-D and D-A conversion
Eight channels of Focusrite precision A-D will capture your performance with clarity, honesty and transparency and providing you have an ADAT output on your interface, eight channels of D-A get it back out again via the balanced line outputs. W...