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Phil Jones Bass  4B
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Designed as an extension to the Suitcase, the addition of a 4B Extension Cabinet will make a super compact rig able to perform just about any task the working bassist requires. Loud enough to play with a powerful drummer and yet offer fidelity of bass that is unsurpassed. This diminutive duo will surprise anyone with disbelief that small cabinets can produce such levels of rich deep and powerful bass, right down to the open B string and below. It does it with authority and yet is transparent right up to the highest of frequencies. Dynamic range is beyond what you would expect; slapped bass will have snap that just can not come from horn tweeter bass cabs. The mid range is so pure that this cabinet will even produce the acoustic bass with stellar clarity. So much so that you will think you ...
Phil Jones Bass  6B
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For three years, Phil Jones researched materials that could offer lighter weight cabinets but still retain the clarity, punch and power needed to deliver Pure Bass Sound.

As with every Phil Jones Pure Sound product, we design and manufacture every speaker including our new Neodymium speakers in the Neo-Power 6B, 8B and 12B cabinets. Our speakers are developed to fit the exacting requirements of acoustic loading and demanding frequency range of bass instruments.

These cabinets are powerful and rugged but at a greatly reduced weight.even with ¾" Baltic birch plywood. We just improved your sound...and your payroll.
"Best all-around cabinet I've ever used for upright bass and electric."- 6B Registered Owner
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Phil Jones Bass  Bass Buddy
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It's a bass compressor/limiter.
It's an EQ dedicated for bass instruments. It's an active DI box. It's a headphone amplifier with more power than you ever need. It has a stereo input and volume control for your drum machine/MP3/walkman. It's a preamplifier with enough oomph to power any amp and even a speaker. It is battery powered and has an AC adaptor. It's superbly built with 1/4" thick CNC machined aluminum front panel and stainless steel case. It comes with a padded carrying case.
Phil Jones Bass  BG-100 Bass Cub
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Sometimes all you need is an amp that can deliver true bass tones but without the hassle of getting out a big rig amplifier. The Bass Cub is 100 watts of pure tone in a "shoebox" size package and so light, it can be lifted even with a finger!

It can sit on the floor or on top of a desk. Two independent channels can accept two instruments or one microphone. It also has a stereo input for Drum machine or I-pod/MP3 player. Practicing can be done with the 2 internal speakers or headphones.

The BASS CUB comes with a padded carrying bag.

With these features and great sound there is no longer an excuse you can not practice.
Specifications for this product:

ModelBass Cub BG-100
TypeLightweight bass combo,100W output,2CH,2 x 3 band EQ,limiter,Bass and AUX...
Phil Jones Bass  BG-150 Flight case
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Whatever type of bass you play, weigh up the cost, performance, size and weight and when you try the Flight Case, you will too agree that this is the perfect Bass Amp for your gigging or studio needs. Available in candy red or black
Phil Jones Bass  BG-300 Super Flight Case
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Like its smaller brother, the BG-150. This amp has amazing power and performance to weight ratio. Not only great acoustic output to play loud but the bass is incredibly rich and deep yet has authority and control never heard before in amp this size.

Available in candy red or black
Phil Jones Bass  Briefcase
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00 watt RMS amplifier. Active/passive input. Compressor/limiter. 5-Band EQ. Headphone out. Balanced-line out. Pre-amp out. Extension-speaker out. Power: 12-Volt DC / 110/220-Volt AC or Internal rechargeable battery. 2 high-power, full-range dedicated bass instrument loudspeakers in a computer-optimized, vented enclosure. Available in candy red or black
Phil Jones Bass  Suitcase
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For many, the Suitcase represents the perfect combo. It's beefy and ballsy, and has character yet without coloring the sound of your bass. Headroom delivers powerful, clean tone. The more you play it, the more you want to play. No wonder guys like Kyle Eastwood dig this amp.

With four 5" drivers, 2 channels, 5 band EQ and 200 watts at 8 ohms, the Suitcase is perfect for most gigs. However, some gigs just require more. Simply add the 4B and you've transformed the Suitcase into the Bitchcase with eight 5" drivers and 300 watts at 4 ohms. The same low end high fidelity but in a portable stack that moves, grooves and proves.that Phil Jones defines Pure Sound for bass.