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10" Powered Studio Subwoofer With XLF

Extend your system LF all the way down! The LSR310S subwoofer incorporates JBL's patented Slip StreamT Port working in concert with a custom 10" down-firing driver and a 200 Watt amplifier to add deep, powerful bass to any studio monitor system. A JBL first, the XLF Extended Low Frequency setting lets you hear your tracks with the augmented bass tuning used in today's dance clubs.



JBL Patented Slip StreamT Port
This patented JBL port design works in concert with the LSR310S low frequency driver for deep, dynamic bass response at all playback levels. The double-flared shape of the port is precisely calculated to optimize low-frequency extension.
XLF Extended Low Frequency Se...
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Powered Studio Subwoofer System

The LSR6312SP powered subwoofer is based on a 12" woofer with JBL's patented Differential Drive® and 250 Watts of power. THX® pm3 Approved. METAlliance® Certified.

Multi-format powered subwoofer for Dolby Prologic, AC-3, DTS and other surround formats.
RMC? Room Mode Correction provides electronic control of response peaks due to room modes. RMC Calibration Kit included.
250 W continuous output power amplifier.
Sophisticated LCR bass management system.
Direct LFE input with selectable 10 dB input sensitivity.
Summed output allows chaining of multiple LSR6312SP for multiple subwoofer systems.
Differential Drive® technology with dynamic braking for extended low frequency response and low
power compression...