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Presonus  HP2
159.00$ CAD   
Designed for musicians and performers who demand mobility without compromising audio quality, the HP2 personal headphone amplifier is a great choice for driving wired in-ear monitors (IEMs), as well as headphones. PreSonus HP-series headphone amplifiers have long been popular for their loud, clean, clear sound and roadworthy built quality. The new HP2 delivers these qualities in an easily affordable, stereo device so you?ll hear every note and beat clearly wherever your music takes you.
189.00$ CAD   
The new HP4 from PreSonus answers the project studio owner's needs for headphone distribution with professional specifications and more in a small package with an affordable price. The unit comes in a 1/3 rack space chassis similar to the TUBEpre. The HP4 accepts unbalanced or balanced inputs or outputs (1/4" TS/TRS). The input can either be set to stereo or mono. The mono selector button on the front channel simply copies both inputs to both sides. The HP4 features four discreet headphone outputs on the front panel each with its own volume potentiometer and 250mW of amplification per channel. Can you say quiet? PreSonus can with a -98 dB noise floor and wide frequency response. Also, the HP4 allows control over control room monitors with a separate volume potentiometer that can be muted u...
439.00$ CAD   
Features . 6 ultra low-noise, high-output PreSonus headphone amplifiers . Audio inputs include two stereo main inputs (A and B), as well as external input for each channel allowing user to mix between three stereo audio streams (mix A, mix B, and external input "more me") . Stereo output available on each channel to send line level channel mixes to additional headphone amplifiers or monitor systems . Channel controls feature headphone level, mix between inputs A and B, external input volume, mute and mono . Also features talkback via external XLR microphone . Ultimate headphone amplification system delivering loud and clear headphone mixes for real-world recording situations.