Beyer Dynamic M 99

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The M 99 is a dynamic moving coil microphone of
studio quality. The tailored frequency response suits
many applications from instrument miking to on-air
broadcasting. The beyerdynamic TG-X technology used
in the M 99 features a strong neodymium magnet
system and a mass reduced special Mylar diaphragm to
give the microphone a powerful reproduction with excellent transient characteristics. The frequency response is extremely linear and guarantees audio quality which has until now, only
been achieved by using high-quality condenser microphones.
The frequency select switch at the base of the microphone allows three settings of equalisation, linear and two optimised settings for vocals and instrument miking. A second switch is for presence accentuation. This allows further adjustment for close miking
techniques or kick drum miking. The hypercardioid polar pattern helps to eliminate feedback in live applications and allows a good separation between different instruments. The microphone can operate at very high sound pressure levels without loss of sound quality and virtually no distortion.
The M 99?s die cast casing is made of aircraft grade aluminium and finished with an attractive metallic varnish.